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  1. my daughters best friend had a baby last year. so i decided i was going to learn how to crochet and make her a blanket. i have spent the last year and about 10 skeins of yarn ( i would get frustrated and throw it all away or decide i didnt like the colors) until i finally have this work in progress that i like. please tell me what you think! the lighting is not the best but it is yellow. lilac and pink UPDATE: i added some border around each square now i need some advice. i alternated the colors on each square so now they have different color borders. what color should i use to attach them? here is a picture of them after i added the borders
  2. i recieved a package today that contained two squares. both are varigated baby colors and one has pink trim and the other has yellow trim. thank you so much they are greatly appreciated.
  3. love the blanket. what did you use for the eagles logo on the front of the bag?
  4. i think what you are doing is amazing. My daughter lost her first baby in july 2011 at 14 weeks gestation and in july 2012 gave birth to a baby boy who was stillborn at 22 weeks gestation. They wrapped him in a beautiful afghan and hat that was made by an amzing person like yourself. I might start something like this for the hospital here. The world is blessed to have amazing people like you.
  5. i am making a baby blanket using the star stitch ( i think...sorry i am sorta new to this)...i am not using a pattern so i just made a chain i thought would be long enough. well i am finished with my first row of stitches and it is not as wide as i wanted it. is there a way to add stitches to the starting chain without starting over? thanks for any suggestions any one has
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    My name is Robin... i am new to crocheting. I can crochet a chain and do single crochet. I haven't actually made anything yet. I am still trying to learn how to read patterns and figure out how to get even stitches. Any advice would be appreciated.
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