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    I'm a craftster always on a new adventure to create.. I always dreamed of being a fashion designer as a child, I just never imagined I'd be doing it with a hook and yarn.
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    London, Canada
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    Cochet, crafting
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    Since I was little..
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  1. DearestDebi

    Valentine Hearts Bonnet

  2. DearestDebi

    Valentine Hearts Bonnet

    I have had my eye on a doily for some time now that I wanted to turn it into a bonnet. After almost a year I finally did it! http://dearestdebi.com/crochet-valentines-hearts-bonnet
  3. DearestDebi

    Wear it your way..

    1 hood, 3 styles. Wear it your way.. Hood - http://dearestdebi.com/2013/02/crochet-hood.html Cowl - http://dearestdebi.com/2013/10/crochet-hooded-cowl.html Infinity Scarf - http://dearestdebi.com/2013/11/crochet-hooded-infinity-scarf.html
  4. DearestDebi

    Keep Warm this Winter..

    I've turned my Adult Hood pattern into a Hooded Cowl with Buttons. I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn because it's so soft and warm. Perfect to keep warm this winter. http://dearestdebi.com/2013/10/crochet-hooded-cowl.html
  5. DearestDebi

    Toddler Ball Cap

    Hot off the hook... http://dearestdebi.com/2013/05/crochet-toddler-ball-cap.html
  6. DearestDebi

    Little Miss Crochet Dresses

    My new line of Little Miss Crochet Dresses. From left to right.. Little Miss Yarn Ruffles Little Miss Tutu Little Miss Ruffles
  7. DearestDebi

    Newborn Christmas Tree Hat

    A newborn christmas tree hat.. This isn't exactly what I was trying to do but it still turned out great! Click Here for the pattern.
  8. DearestDebi

    Crochet Hair Elastic Flower

    It's a great little flower to put around a hair bun. (: Quick and fast to work up and makes a cute little gift for a girl with long hair. http://www.dearestdebi.com/2012/10/crochet-hair-elastic-flower.html
  9. This versatile beanie is available in multiple sizes from newborn to teen.. Newborn Beanie - http://dearestdebi.blogspot.ca/2012/06/not-another-bonnet.html Pumpkin Beanie - http://dearestdebi.blogspot.ca/2012/07/pumpkin-hat.html Watermelon Beanie - http://dearestdebi.blogspot.ca/2012/08/watermelon-beanie.html
  10. DearestDebi

    Tape Measure Elastic Flower

    My kids keep running off with my tape measure and lose the elastic so I wanted to make something that was easy to spot (and something I didn't have to worry about them putting in their mouths) http://www.dearestdebi.com/2012/09/measuring-tape-flower.html
  11. http://www.dearestdebi.com/2012/09/fingerless-gloves.html
  12. http://www.dearestdebi.com/2012/07/blogging-hookers-halloween-bonanza.html
  13. My daughter just loves these little kitties!!! http://www.dearestdebi.com/2012/08/mini-hello-kitty-amigurumi-pattern.html