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    I'm a craftster always on a new adventure to create.. I always dreamed of being a fashion designer as a child, I just never imagined I'd be doing it with a hook and yarn.
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    London, Canada
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    Cochet, crafting
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    Since I was little..
  1. I have had my eye on a doily for some time now that I wanted to turn it into a bonnet. After almost a year I finally did it! http://dearestdebi.com/crochet-valentines-hearts-bonnet
  2. 1 hood, 3 styles. Wear it your way.. Hood - http://dearestdebi.com/2013/02/crochet-hood.html Cowl - http://dearestdebi.com/2013/10/crochet-hooded-cowl.html Infinity Scarf - http://dearestdebi.com/2013/11/crochet-hooded-infinity-scarf.html
  3. I've turned my Adult Hood pattern into a Hooded Cowl with Buttons. I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn because it's so soft and warm. Perfect to keep warm this winter. http://dearestdebi.com/2013/10/crochet-hooded-cowl.html
  4. Hot off the hook... http://dearestdebi.com/2013/05/crochet-toddler-ball-cap.html
  5. My new line of Little Miss Crochet Dresses. From left to right.. Little Miss Yarn Ruffles Little Miss Tutu Little Miss Ruffles
  6. A newborn christmas tree hat.. This isn't exactly what I was trying to do but it still turned out great! Click Here for the pattern.
  7. It's a great little flower to put around a hair bun. (: Quick and fast to work up and makes a cute little gift for a girl with long hair. http://www.dearestdebi.com/2012/10/crochet-hair-elastic-flower.html
  8. This versatile beanie is available in multiple sizes from newborn to teen.. Newborn Beanie - http://dearestdebi.blogspot.ca/2012/06/not-another-bonnet.html Pumpkin Beanie - http://dearestdebi.blogspot.ca/2012/07/pumpkin-hat.html Watermelon Beanie - http://dearestdebi.blogspot.ca/2012/08/watermelon-beanie.html
  9. My kids keep running off with my tape measure and lose the elastic so I wanted to make something that was easy to spot (and something I didn't have to worry about them putting in their mouths) http://www.dearestdebi.com/2012/09/measuring-tape-flower.html
  10. http://www.dearestdebi.com/2012/09/fingerless-gloves.html
  11. http://www.dearestdebi.com/2012/07/blogging-hookers-halloween-bonanza.html
  12. My daughter just loves these little kitties!!! http://www.dearestdebi.com/2012/08/mini-hello-kitty-amigurumi-pattern.html
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