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    Crocheting, Playing Facebook & Pogo games, & watching TV
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    Afghans, baby blankets, flowers, & doll clothing
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    June 2011
  1. WOW!! BY FAR the cutest afghan i have ever seen!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!
  2. Very very cute!! You did a wonderful job on both the booties and the blankets
  3. Haha yes it is speedy!! I love it...you did a perfect job on it!!
  4. Very beautiful!! i love how the white just blends in with the rest of the colors so nicely
  5. Has that warm homey look to it and can match any furniture!! Love the neutral color!!
  6. Wow wonderful work!! Love it!! It looks like you have to be REALLY accurate on that!!
  7. Keys, cell phone, glasses, & a few crochet stuff here and there
  8. Wonderful job..love the colors
  9. Very pretty..love the flowers
  10. I crocheted about 40 spirals and I wanted to make them bigger than the pattern called and it ended up ruffling on me. Will it lay flat if I made it into an afghan. Is there a solution to the problem??
  11. WOW! I'm just amazed at all the wonderful work you do..esp the scrap one!! I hope to be as good of a crocheter as you!
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