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  1. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I can stop biting my nails now, she loves it
  2. I made a shawl that looked like a web for a friend as a retirement present. She will be given it on Sunday. Think she'll like it? It's white cotton thread shot through with metallic silver so it shimmers. It's the first crochet piece I've done for ages and just had to show it off http://people.delphiforums.com/Igray34/P1120117.JPG
  3. The halter top is so pretty, I love the colours, and what a sweet looking child Caitlin is! (Is there a pattern for the halter top?)
  4. Thank you both very much. I got the bag finished thanks to your help. :cheer That link was great as well and I've saved it to favourites for future reference, just in case
  5. I am making this Little Crochet Bag from the Michaels website and am almost finished. I am stuck on round 29 though and can't figure out what this means. ch 3, sl st in side and top lps of last dc made, for whatever reason, this just keeps reading like gobbeldygook to me LOL. Can anyone help with what I'm sposed to do please? Thanks!
  6. Hi, thank you all for the wonderful comments on my bag. No, it was time consuming more than anything, because it's all done in sc. It's not hard to learn, you get the hang of carrying the other colour and the change overs quite quickly. I tended to get the two yarns wrapped around each other at first, and it was a pain unspinning them all the time, but after thinking about it for a minute or two, I got into a way of changing the colours over without that happening.
  7. Thank you all for the lovely comments. Julie, the motif, I just did a quick graph. On the bag, it doesn't really look anything like it did on the graph, I think, because with the tapestry crochet, it tends to 'push' the motif slightly to the left or right depending where the start of the change over colours go. Not sure about that though as it's only the second one I've tried. I made the little cat bag from Carols pattern and gave it to a work collegue as a retiremement gift and she loved it, then saw the horse one, and had a go at a motif myself. I might try a more colourful motif next time, it might use up some more scraps of wool I'm loathe to throw out even though they're tiny LOL.
  8. It's lovely, great job!
  9. I made this after seeing this Carol Ventura pattern. I thought it was really pretty, and decided to try one using a different motif. And this is how it came out. I used some left over baby wool from the shawl I did, and some denimy look wool I bought at a charity store.
  10. I've never entered a fair, but for nucki or anyone else in the UK http://www.needlecraftfair.co.uk/ I'm not sure how up-to-date the event list is, but if there are any organisers in your area, it might be worth a ring if you want to enter. http://www.craft-fair.co.uk/Diary.cfm lists of different craft/show and fair events, some private that you go and look/buy, but some that can be entered as well, just need to find ones for crochet/needlework. http://www.craft-show.co.uk/ Hope some of them are useful.
  11. Thank you for your comments, it's only the second baby shawl I've tried, neither the friend nor her daughter (who it's actually for) have seen it yet. I was asked to surprise her LOL. So I'm hoping it will be a nice surprise. DesertCrocheter and Solitaire, I edited the first post to put a link to celtic crochet site, they have some lovely patterns available to buy just now (there is at least one other shawl pattern there I want to try), but I'm not sure about shipping outside the UK.
  12. This is a baby shawl I crocheted for my friends daughter who is due in August. The pattern is from Celtic Crochet, and was done in Jarol, Baby supersoft 4 ply. I had a bit of trouble with it at first though and thought the pattern had been written wrong, but it eventually clicked after ripping it out twice LOL. I'm quite pleased with the result. The second pic is a close up of the pattern. Hope I've done this right and the pics aren't way big
  13. Hi, I have been a lurker on the forum for a long time, and joined recently and found myself still lurking and reading. I have enjoyed reading all the posts and seeing how wonderful, helpful and friendly everyone is here. The photographs of peoples finished projects are amazing!
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