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    Crochet Fantasy - coming back!

    Hmmmm....guess I've had my head in the sand. I had no idea this mag had sold. I subscribed (seems like on THEIR website) last summer/fall (?) Recently it dawned on my I had not rec'd one-- checked it out, sure enough the last issue date I have says "Winter". Now you have me wondering since I subscribed on line if I am 'lost' as well. That's really gonna P.O. me if the rest of my paid subscription is down the toilet! :<> Please update on us on what you find out. I'm off to send my own e-mail. Thanks! Leann
  2. lemdas


    <<<get a pair of magnifying reading glasses>> This was going to be my exact suggestion! I must say your mother is a brilliant woman! ) However, be careful about the strength...if they are waaaaay stronger than you actually need then your vision will be really blurry when you finish with them. May give you headaches. Also I think that it would probably cause your eyes to depend upon on them more than necessary after extensive wear. (of course I'm no eye doc. and don't even play one on TV!) Leann
  3. This is a great little book! I have yet to make anything from it though, but I pick it up and look at it and just get inspired all over again! It is well worth the money. I actually bought mine at Michaels and used the 40% off coupon from their ads. It really saved some $$ that way. Go for it! you won't be sorry. Leann
  4. lemdas

    Hi Everyone!!!

    Hi Amber~ {My computer froze up just as I was about to send the first response to this...Grrrr...maybe this time!} Unfortuantely, no, my little girl that I planned to do all these mother/daughter crafty projects with is totally UN-interested in stuff like this. We are both Virgos and we butt heads terribly whenever we try to do anything crafty together! However, she is a terrific little artist (gets that from my mom and grandmother). At this time though, she is only into doing comic strip type stuff. She is only 11 (12 in Sept) so hopefully one day she will have a change of heart. I didn't get serious about sewing and stuff till I was in my 20's, had to mature and develop some patience first. I am impressed with you doing stuff like this at your young age. My best friend growing up was into needlepoint and sewing from a very young age. Today she has a successful custom drapery/pillows/rug import business in CA. So, keep it! maybe one day we can all say 'we knew her when' about you! take care, Leann
  5. lemdas

    Hi Everyone!!!

    Thanks for the warm welcomes to all. The basket is going SLOWLY! lol! Those beads sure do slow down progress, but I suppose in the end only more rewarding! Leann
  6. lemdas

    Hi Everyone!!!

    I'm new here and wanted to say hi to everyone. I have e-mailed back and forth with Donna and told her I would join up, and finally got around to it today. I (like so many here) learned to crochet from my grandmother and mom, but I haven't for many many years. Recently got bit by the bug, and have picked it up again....almost obsessively! I am a SAHM, married to a great guy for almost 18yrs. and have one DD about to enter Jr. High My recent projects are several shawls, a poncho (heck I was doing your CAL and didn't even know it!) and am now embarking upon Donna's darling little basket. Glad to be here, I love reading all your posts! Leann