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  1. Yes, that'll be it. The little fastener, for keeping the bag closed. Just me not knowing the correct name. OOPS! I just couldn't see how it was attched from the picture, you've made such a great job of it. Thanks for explaining.
  2. I taught myself this June (2011) with the help of youtube tutorials and peoples blogs on the internet. I don't know why it just finally all clicked into place, but it did and since then I've hardly put my hook down! :crocheting I've wanted to learn for so long, years really, but each time I tried (I had no one to show me) I just couldn't get it. I suddenly realised this time I'd been mixing UK and US terms and I only had one size hook for everything, so now I have a nice selection of hooks and although I'm from the UK, I'm sticking with US terms!
  3. I love it! it really is just like a turtle! How do you attach the popper? Does it just sew to the lining? Fantastic job anyhow, well done! :clap
  4. I really like that alot! Was it difficult to make? Could a beginnner make it? I like the colour you used as well, it just looks all chunky and cosy. :clap
  5. I'm so glad I saw this because my friend gave me some fancy fur yarn and I gave some to my mum for a scarf because I thought that or a border was all it could be used for. Now I've seen this and how beautiful it is, I think it would be great to have a go at making something with what I have left after all. Thank you for showing this, it really is beautiful.
  6. Oh this is amazingly beautiful! I love it.
  7. After learning you could crochet dishcloths from this forum, I set to having a go at them myself and am happy to say how much I'm enjoying doing it. So here are my first three sets and also my first face wash cloth as well. (Last picture, Blue and Multi coloured). Hope you like them. I used Peaches & creme cotton yarn for all of them except the 3rd dish cloth set, which was made with Sugar n cream twists.
  8. Oh, I love those! I especially love the middle one as those are the sort of colours I really like. All are lovely though. I've made some more. Will try and get some more pictures to share.
  9. That's absolutely beautiful!
  10. ~threadbear~

    John's Afghan

    I love the colours in this. Really nice, well done! :clap
  11. These are wonderful! I've never seen anything like it before. :clap
  12. Oh wow! That is amazing!! Did you do it from a book? I'm so :droolover this. Wonderful work. :clap
  13. These are all gorgeous! I love how different they all are as well. Do they take you long to make? :cheer:clap
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