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  1. It depends on the item. I usually make smaller items (a lot of hats with two stripes, plus a SC trim that are a different colour) and I weave them all in at the ends.
  2. My daughter will be 4 in November. She's been trying to do for a couple months, pretty well since I started. Until recently she just played with it on her own, basically just wrapped the yarn around the hook a million times. I recently bought her a ball of Bernat Baby Blanket, the super bulky stuff because it's bigger and easier for her to see what she's doing, and also because it doesn't snag like most yarn would. She is actually doing alright, she can't chain yet but she is actually getting close! The hardest part for her is holding the yarn properly.
  3. Whenever I can, but on my days off I love to get up early and crochet before my daughter and husband get up... but I have to make sure the house is clean first. Very often I also crochet on my lunch hour.
  4. Not me, I try to stick with aluminum, steel, wood, or bamboo. No plastic, and all my aluminum are non-coloured.
  5. Thank you for all the help, I'm going to try them out this weekend. I'm interested to try out the standing DC, and checking the other link right now!
  6. I would love to get some help with joining my rounds while also changing colours. I added a picture to help see how it looks. This the way I've learned to join, and to change colours (sl st is in third ch, new yarn is looped in as the sl st). What is the best looking way to do this? Pictures along with the directions would be awesome!
  7. I love the pattern of hearts and circles!
  8. Just to let anyone who might shop at herrschners.ca, they (obviously) ship to Canada, but the item is still being shipped from the States. For some that doesn't matter, but I was going to order from there thinking it was shipping from within Canada, and would take a maximum of one week to reach me, while we all know that going through customs will really delay your order. There is also the chance of paying taxes, customs/duty fees, and brokerage fees. Also, fabric.com has Lion brand (and maybe Lily's) and ships to Canada. OP, any chance you are close to the US boarder?
  9. Between the time (and cost) I just can't start on any big projects at the moment. I just learned to crochet in July, when I was learning I had no interest in big projects and worked 4 days a week. Now I work full time and I have an almost 4 year old and a husband. If I don't have anything else to do I can crochet for an hour on my lunch, otherwise I can get a couple hours in each weekend. I have a list of birthday and Christmas gifts to be made, (all smaller items, hats, gloves, slippers, washcloths, seat belt cover for an ATV, etc.), and I in September I will also be in school. All that to say, I haven't even thought about any big projects! Next year I hope to have some more time to make an afghan or something, but I don't plan to give anything big away as a gift, so I'll still have plenty of small items on my list.
  10. I'm alright with either. I've done a lot of rounds so I have no problem with them. I do, however, have a bit of a hard time putting on a boarder around something with DC rows.
  11. I have a small basket on the couch for left over yarn, patterns, things I'm working on or going to work on, but I keep all my hooks and whatever project I'm working on RIGHT NOW in a bag that goes almost everywhere with me. My stash yarn is in a small 4 shelf bookshelf with a door on the bottom two shelves in the living room.
  12. I'm working on an earflap hat a mitten set for a little girl. The mittens are based on this pattern, but I had to rework it many many times to get the thumbs the right size.
  13. I voted a piece of clothing. The very first thing I made was a toque, I copied off my daughter's crocheted hat that I love. This was about two months ago.
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