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  1. I have a big fat zero in finishing something this week. I have been working with a bunch of yarn balls making cute granny squares.....but i haven't finished a single ball this week. WTD +0 YTD +117 Happy New Year to Everyone
  2. OK....running late to post! 1 Skein and 5 balls gone: one hat, some granny squares, and two balls of yarn tossed due to kitty activity that ripped them to pieces WTD: +7 YTD +117
  3. I forgot for the second week in row to post . Very busy the last two weeks. In that two weeks I used one skein and 4 balls of yarn. No need to add me to today's totals.....just trying not to loose track of y'all, and of my goal to use yarn. WTD: +6 YTD: +110
  4. It's a good thing I crocheted last Sunday,or I would have nothing done this week. WTD: +5, YTD; +104 I used up 3 balls and a whole skein on a scarf Happy Scrapbusting!
  5. Using up balls on squares for scarves. WTD +6 YTD +99 I am on the cell phone and cannot enlarge my fonts. If in can get to a computer, I will change them later in the morning
  6. Used 2 Skeins, 7 balls, and turned 2 skeins into balls working on hats/scarves for charity. Also, frogged an unwanted UFO and gained 10 balls of yarn. Total WTD:+3 YTD: +93 Happy Stashbusting!
  7. So sorry I didn't post before scores went up...I had a busy morning. However, I got in NO yarnplay at all last week, so I just have a big 0! Happy Stashbusting!
  8. katyallen---those are some gorgeous looking squares! I have been making hats and scarves with my balls, trying to get down the ball stash. I swear those yarn balls multiply when not being watched!! :haha
  9. I used up 1 ball and rolled 5 skeins into balls.....I've been on a winning streak with trying to use up my yarn balls; I knew eventually I would create some more WTD: +6 YTD: +90
  10. I did a little crocheting earlier in the week, but didn't finish anything off....so I have a big 0
  11. Used up 1 ball and turned 2 skeins into balls WTD: +3 YTD: +84
  12. finished a hat this week and started another one,,,,,,,,1 skein down and 2 skeins that became balls: WTD: +4 YTD +81 happy stashbusting!
  13. I used one and one-half skeins making a hat earlier in the week, And I had to buy a skein of black to use uniting multiple colored balls in a scarf for this week. Totals WTD:+1 YTD: +77
  14. Used 2 balls and rolled 2 skeins into balls. This week I have a +4
  15. This week I used up 4 balls of yarn and turned one skein into a ball. WTD: +5 YTD: +76 Currently I am working on getting a box of hats, scarves, and gloves done for charity for the upcoming cold..... d
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