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    I have sewn, crocheted, knitted, crewel embroidered, among any other yarn/thread handwork I can try.
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    Sewing, crocheting, smocking (new to me)
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    Office manager
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    I used to do afgans but I want to wear what I make
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  1. dcrawford

    knooking hook

    I just saw this "new" way of crocheting this evening and I am on a search! I have crocheted forever and can knit but knitting does not give me the instant gratification I require and the crochet patterns never look enough like knitting. I cannot wait to try this. I feel a new obscession coming over me. LOL I am anxious watching this thread. Diana
  2. Congratulations! I entered the State Fair of Oklahoma for MANY years and it was such fun to go out the first day and see the results of my entries! It becomes an addiction. Again, you can be very proud of yourself and your many hours work. Diana
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