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  1. Thank You Nancy, I am emailing her now
  2. I am desperately seeking 1 skein of Simply Soft Country Blue Ombre. Not sure what happened since I know I bought what the patterns called for but I am short and trying to finish a Double Wedding Ring Afghan as a gift. I will buy or trade anything I have for this one skein. Thanks Paula
  3. Venetian Bernat Yarn & Craft Corp. #9689 Lt F, Violet Heather/Sweet Violet Net Weight: 1.75 oz (50 gr.) 65% Acrylic, 20% Mohair, 15% Nylon Gauge: 4 sts. = 1" on No. 8 (5mm) needles 115 YARDS PER SKEIN HOPE THIS HELPS
  4. Ok I saw hearts both times but my question is, what did HE see.
  5. Julie, if it is not to late, I would love to be included in this CAL. I my not get here every month, but I can promise totry. Paula
  6. i wouldn't get too excited about the site, it seems they may have gone live a bit too early. Lots of links don't work, most things especially the free pattern downloads just redirect back to the home page and never give the patterns. :think:angry:eek:angry
  7. Well I decided to make two pattern repeats of each of 5 colors, and that works up at about 30". Plus the center is about 6" and then I will do one pattern repeat and an edge in the same color as the center at the end so I this it will end up at about 40 inches. I'll post a pic when I get done probably this weekend some time. thanks for all the help.
  8. Is there a rule of thumb for how big in inches to make a round ripple for a baby?
  9. ok I think I figured it out. Essentially what you are doing is working the second FPdc over 2 posts. It makes almost a twisted stitch that is very pretty. I am just working a gauge swatch so if I am correct I will know shortly and will post again.
  10. I am working on the While You are Healing shawl by Drew in the Crochet Prayer Shawls book by leisure arts and the Pattern Instructions are confusing me. Any clarification or help wold be appreciated: row 1 DC in back ridge across row 2 ch2, turn, skip next dc, work FPdc around next dc, (ok here is where I get lost) working in FRONT of last FPdc made, work FPdc around skipped dc.... the instructions continue from there but if I could get this part figured out I think I have the rest and I don't want to put too much on here because of copyright and stuff. again any help would be appreciated. thanks
  11. A small squirt gun with water. Each time she jumps on your yarn nudge her back from the yarn and squirt her. if she does it again, put her in the next room and when she whines squirt her. she will stop. what she is after is your attention and so you must not give it to her. 1 squirt and then ignore her until she behaves. Good Luck.
  12. :eek:eek:eek:eek Dang I don't know what the name of it is or where it can be found but if you find it I would sure love to buy a copy. And I will of course keep looking for it myself.
  13. It will make the most wonderful face cloth you could ever imagine. As a special treat my mom make them for me when she can get the yarn cheaply enough. I just can't bring myself to spend my yarn budget for that.
  14. And when at the bottom it says repeat the pattern for a total of 50 rows in means both rows 1 and 2
  15. Even Better might be the class that is being offered here on the ville by Kathy White. I have taken one of her classes before and the instruction is great. Of course now that I have seen the pattern, I am going to have to do it for myself. :yes
  16. So did it work? Don't forget to post a picture when you are done.
  17. OK see if this makes more sense: When you turn and leave the remaining stitches unworked, if you are working the small size you will have 25 stitches to work on. so on the first row you will do 1 decrease on each end of those 25 stitches then on the next 10 rows you will only do a decrease on the neck edge so at the end of the 11 rows you will have decreased by 12 stitches leaving you with the 13 called for in the pattern. I will be in and out all day so if this still doesn't make sense post and I will try to explain it better
  18. See here is my problem...If I show that to DH his answer will be "If your yarn stash was that neat and well organized you could have that much yarn too" The problem is he's right. I have the room, just not the organization. LOL
  19. Amy thanks so much for your suggestions and hard work. Thanks also for being so responsive to all of us here at the 'ville. I like today's change much better and agree that "Crochet Talk" is a great heading.
  20. I like almost all of the changes. The only one that really bugs me and seems to not make sense is the placement of the Other Crochet thread. Now I am sure there is a reason for the placement, but I have been trying to figure it out and it is driving me nuts. Not to mention tat with my limited time, that is the one thread I visit almost daily even if I don't have time to go any where else and I am having a heck of a time finding it every day. Of course that may just be Old Timers setting in and not related to the reorganization at all. Anyway, just my two cents.
  21. I would like to know if you wre able to purchase the pattern without buying the kit. My mother fell in love with the pattern, but both she and I have yarns in our stash that we would rather use. If you did purchase the pattern, do you have a stock number or something as I have been unable to find one. thanks so much.
  22. And sometimes it can mean d*&med husband depending on how much trouble the person has caused lately. lol
  23. In November I will Complete 3 pairs of Slipper Sox for my sister's family Complete & MAIL Christmas Ornaments for GrandKids Drop Stitch Shawl from class here at the 'ville Finish the pieces for my double wedding ring quiltghan
  24. Casey, see if this works out: the x's in the top row represent the 61 stitches, the next row is what to do s=sc, s2=decrease the third row is the 44 stitches you will have left if I counted correctly XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Sss2ss2sss2sss2ss2sss2sss2ss2sss2sss2ss2sss2sss2ss2sss2ss2s2s 111 11 111 111 11 111 111 11 111 111 11 111 111 11 111 11 1 1
  25. I made the Maria Merlino Pineapple Shawl in her class about a year ago for my husband's grandmother for Christmas. I gave it to her a bit early as she was in the hospital and cold all the time. She passed away in January and the people that stayed with her (we live out of town) on a daily basis said she never took it off from the time she came home from the hospital. Her daughters decided to bury her in it because she loved it so much. It still makes me cry that I could giver her such joy.
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