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  1. This is just gorgeous. Gives me lots of ideas. I can't name how much rose, pink, burgundy and green spare yarn I have. Really gorgeous! Gena
  2. Decided to do a small one for a change. This pattern is from Leisure Arts "Doilies For All Seasons" by Hazel I. Henry, the Spring pattern. It is done in DMC Cebelia, size 20
  3. Genabell

    Dog sweaters

    Forgot to also add, we change her water twice a day. She has a 25 ft. X 50 ft. lot that she runs in during the day and at night she is in a 10 X10 with a gabled tarp roof. The birds can't poop in her water as it has overhead protection. When she came to us as a pup she was malnourished and we discovered that she had Parvo. We spent about $400 on her and she pulled through that. She is 11 years old and has always been well taken care of with regular vet visits and lots of TLC.
  4. Genabell

    Dog sweaters

    She is older. We usually have mild winters here. Last Winter we brought her into the house on colder nights. She refuses to stay in the house during the day--scratching, whining, hollering, etc. to get out so she wears the sweaters during the day. She has a flood light (not a heat lamp) in her house for the nights that it doesn't get below freezing. The light makes it about 10 degrees warmer inside her house than it is outside (we have a thermometer inside her house that we monitor). She doesn't seem to have any arthritis. She gets around well and is healthy according to her yearly vet check. We also bought her one of those disks that you warm in the microwave, can't remember the official name of them but they put off safe heat for about 8 to 10 hours and it is placed inside her bed. No, we don't have money problems and yes, she is well taken care of. Gena in GA
  5. Very pretty! And probably just enough to give you the doily addiction bug. That's okay though, it's a good bug to have Gena in GA
  6. Beautiful! I love the colors too. The little touch of orange makes it pop! This is an heirloom piece for sure. Gena in GA
  7. Genabell


    Gorgeous! I love the colors and that white background just makes them pop. Very neat work! Gena in GA
  8. Those are gorgeous! I especially like the 2nd doily from the Japanese book. It looks so lacy! I love the lacy, airy look in doilies. Gena in GA
  9. I am working on another doily in that leaflet but sometimes I see some used ones on ebay so you might check there. The name of the leaflet is "Star Doilies" by Lissa Ammann. It is Leisure Arts leaflet 2262. Gena in GA
  10. This was a kit I purchased from Herrschner's. I don't usually buy kits but I just wanted to do this one. I think the thread was a bamboo blend. It is very soft. Gena in GA
  11. Wow, this is a real work of art! You have a cute little buddy too. Gena in GA
  12. This is beautiful. I love the colors and the texture. Gena in GA
  13. Genabell


    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the eye popping colors. Gena in GA
  14. Genabell

    Dog sweaters

    These are some dog sweaters I made this past winter for one of our outside dogs. She gets cold so now she has a whole wardrobe of sweaters. I purchased and downloaded this pattern from e-pattern central if I recall correctly. Gena in GA
  15. All of these were made with DMC Cebelia. The tulip doily was made with size 10. The others were made with size 20. I made the smaller one just to use up the remainder of the spool of thread from the pineapple fan doily. These pictures were taken with my ipod so they're not the best in the world. Gena in GA
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