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    Mum of 3 living with my other half and 3 daughters in North Wales, UK.
    I love animals and have a dog, tortoise, cat, cockatiels and fish!
    I love all kinds of crafts and will try most things once, although admittedly not always with successful results!
    I am self-taught (from books etc) so always happy to hear tips/receive advice on crafting :)
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    N.Wales, UK
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    Crafting, reading, MMOs, rambling, music
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    Unusual projects
  1. Wytchie

    Mug for crocheters :)

    Thats such a nice design
  2. Wytchie

    White Sapphire

    That's gorgeous, I really love the colour too and such lovely work
  3. Wytchie

    Rant- Why?

    I understand what you are saying and do tend to agree, but at the same time I guess if we are to have creativity and freedom of expression, we have to "put up with" the occasional thing that isn't to our taste/moral views etc...I guess its all just part of life's rich tapestry! I do think too though that some people deliberately do such things to shock, so to not let them affect you actually makes the action pointless, and hopefully makes that person think it isn't worth trying to do the same kind of thing again, if they don't get a reaction I have a tongue piercing and some of the words people put on those bars, that people actually buy and wear, make my mind boggle...I always think if you can't be interesting without feeling the need to upset others, then you sure as anything won't be interesting when you ARE trying to upset people!
  4. Wytchie


  5. Wytchie

    Some recent finishes for me:

    Really beautiful work
  6. Wytchie

    im in im in!

  7. Wytchie

    Pattern reading help

    I was just wondering how far along in the pattern you are when it appears wavy, as often curved things can look a bit wavy after an increase row, but the "straight" rows after it (with no inc) often "sort that out" by themselves. Another possibility is that your tension is varying a bit between stitches, as this can also give a "wavy" effect...really the only way around this is to try your best to keep all your stitches at the same tension.
  8. Wytchie


    Really lovely
  9. Wytchie


  10. Wytchie

    Pattern help

    I have had a little bit of experience the other way around, trying to convert US patterns into UK terms so I will try to help! 4 ch (counts as 1st tr and 1ch) - means to make 4 chain stitches, but when you "count it back" to see the number of trebles you have on a row, count these four ch as 1 treble stitch and one chain stitch..for e.g. if you make 8tr after this your row would have 9tr and 1ch in it. "miss" is just UK for "skip", so hopefully that will clarify a few of the instructions! For instructions like "tr into 3rd of 4ch of previous row", just count from the 1st ch you made in that group to the 3rd, insert your hook into that chain and make a tr st in that place. Yes, a UK tr is a US dc I hope this helps a little bit!
  11. Wytchie

    Lacy Cabled Pineapple Bag.......

    Thats really lovely, and so unusual too!
  12. Wytchie

    My "New" Craft Room :)

    That's fab I'm jealous! I especially love the amount of daylight in that room, perfect for crafting!
  13. Wytchie

    Ferns doily from 1940ish pattern

    I really love that It just goes to show that fantastic patterns really are timeless and always look amazing, now matter how long it is since they were first written!
  14. Beautiful patterns, I especially like the shawl with the celtic knot pattern on it...if only I knew how to do filet crochet!! :2blush