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    I have three wonderful grown sons, and two lovely daughter-in-laws. I recently lost my middle son, and a partner 10 months before that. My family and my church are my greatest loves. I'm a very quiet person, but love to make people laugh. I consider myself a pretty good crocheter (I've won a few county fair ribbons!) and now I'm trying very hard to learn knitting. Yarn rocks.
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    north carolina
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    needlework (obviously) reading
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    forklift princess
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    baby things
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  1. I've had a lot of trouble building a stash of plain 'ole four ply worsted weight yarn. It was a great challenge when I wanted to change brands. I used up the old brand, (which was feeling rather stiff) for a more expensive brand that was softer. Now all of the patterns I'm finding are bulky and super bulky. It's very frustrating. I apologize if someone has asked this question, but is there a conversion chart to calculate the number of strands of worsted weight yarn that will equal the thicker sizes? And are the thicker sizes going to be the new norm? Is that what I should be buying, instead of trying to stay with the worsted weight yarn? Am I being old-fashioned by staying with the worsted weight size?
  2. i LOVE this pattern! thank you so much, very awesome. i think i'll be making a few for Christmas
  3. i love this pattern! http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/accessory/inside-out-slouch-crochet-pattern/72517 but i'm too cheap to buy it lol...anyone seen anything like it? know where i could get a free version? thanks so much!!
  4. magiccrochetfan, thanks for the help! i think i was lured to that yarn site by the great prices lol. there were skeins of some really nice stuff that was less than a dollar very tempting! i know shipping from so far away would be outrageous, and really, the babies don't care lol Granny Square, i think i'm going to do exactly what you say! i thought about making the pillows look like each family's family dog, so the Red Heart yarn would definitely have more choices. VERY good point you made about ordering from so far away for something exotic, as opposed to a toy. they're just going to beat them up anyway lol. i've been so concerned about the yarn because it looked so soft in the picture, but i think Red Heart has done a very good job softening up their yarn, as compared to what it used to be. thanks to everyone, you've been very helpful!!
  5. very cool, thank you Tampa Doll! i think the pattern did call for the TLC Essentials as well. i might give the worsted weight a try. i guess it won't hurt to see what i get with it. the required yarn just makes it look very soft in the picture. i think the kids would like it reguardless tho... thanks again! you were very helpful
  6. and btw, i found some very reasonably priced yarn on this website http://www.yarn-paradise.com/ but it's a bit hard to trust a site with prices so low? anyone know if it's a legit site? thanks again!!
  7. hello everyone i could use a little help with a yarn substitution. i am wanting to make this http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hound-pillow-toy for my grandbabies. my grandson is 1 1/2, and granddaughter is 9 months, so they're both pretty small. (big family reunion next month, i haven't seen my granddaugher since she was born. she lives in iowa with my son and daughter-in-law, so this is a very big deal! YAY! lol guess that really doesn't pertain to the question, but i'm excited!) it calls for TLC Amore yarn, which i'm reading is a boucle type yarn. i'm having trouble finding it on line, and particularly in the color suggested. how would a person substitute for this type of yarn? just any boucle, or should i use a particular type? my yarn budget is very limited. the only yarn i have in my stash is regular Red Heart worsted weight, and Simply Soft by Caron. i prefer the Simply Soft, but didn't know if it would make a good substitute. Red Heart is of course, more affordable, but not quite so soft for a baby's pillow. so tell me, if you were me, what yarn would YOU use for the project? thanks for the input!!
  8. has anyone seen the fabric potato zapper wrappers? i came across a pattern at JoAnn's and thought they were really cute. so i got to wondering...could they be crocheted? out of cotton yarn? and can cotton yarn be microwaved? it was just a thought...might be something fun to make. i can't find a pattern searching online. has anyone seen/tried such a thing? i could probably figure out a pattern on my own. or maybe one of the soap scrubber bags would be a good starting point? i'm gonna think on it. i made several of the little soap bags a while back. they are just about the right size. i always wrap a potato i'm going to microwave in a wet paper towel....so couldn't you do the same with a little crocheted cotton bag that's been dampened? i've always thought the wet paper towel makes them more moist.
  9. what a pretty afghan! i haven't seen a pattern like that before, but it's definitely one i would make. good luck finding it, it's really lovely
  10. thanks! some very pretty designs! i might be able to find something that works with my bags and bags of little yarn balls lol....
  11. awesome, thank you! i think i actually downloaded one of them. i can probably fake my way through it (i think lol). thanks for your reply!!
  12. hi everyone!! i am looking for a pattern for a baby girl football hat, preferably with a flower. i have seen one that i absolutely love....but it's to buy the hat, and i want to make it myself! i wouldn't mind buying the pattern, but i can't seem to find that either. i've found several patterns free online, but they are a bit confusing. i've found football beanies with ear flaps, which are so adorable, but i think with a flower attached, it will look better without the ear flaps. anyone run across a pattern that might work? i think i can take a plain football beanie (without the flower, and pink trim!) and tweak it to look like what i want. oh, and i would love it if someone can suggest a flower pattern that looks similar to what's on the hat. here's the pattern i saw, that i'm trying to make something that might resemble it. (i hope it's ok to link to etsy, someone tell me if it's not! i will delete my post) http://www.etsy.com/listing/83764246/baby-girl-football-beanie-hat-pretty-in?ref=v1_other_1 thanks for your help! my kids are huge sports fans, and i know they would be thrilled with a football beanie for their new baby girl.
  13. hello everyone! i'm looking for some ideas for a motif baby blanket that i could make with multi-colored baby yarn. i recently made a navajo baby afghan that turned out really pretty....except the dye lot of the yarn was waaay off. i had the mistaken idea that with the multi colors, the dye lot wouldn't matter. well it most certainly did! i was really happy with how the afghan turned out, but so upset about the stripes of different shades in the yarn. huge lesson learned! i ordered more yarn online, to make sure i had the same dye lot. made another blanket, and it turned out very pretty, no problems with the color whatsoever.it's now in the nursery of my brand new granddaughter. (she was born this past monday, 5-6) i really love the pattern. i wanted to make this to re-create an afghan i had when my boys were babies. this fit the bill almost exactly! the color of the yarn isn't quite the same as the original. i just couldn't find one that looked the same. but the pattern is definitely the same as the blanket i loved for my baby boys! anyhoo....i took the first blanket apart, hoping i could find a way to re-use the yarn. i've got about a gazillion little balls of yarn that are about the size of a golf ball, if they are even that big. i've been trying to find a motif that i think would work for a baby afghan, but so far am not having any luck. sooo....i was hoping someone had an idea for me. i thought about going for the "crazy yarn" technique, and knit something in a simple garter stitch. i love the look of crazy yarn, but didn't know if little ends all over the blanket would be good idea to use for a baby. suggestions, anyone? i would be ever so grateful!1
  14. thanks for the opinions everyone! i seem to have trouble with my yarn no matter how i'm using it! i usually wind it into balls, and then keep it in a plastic container so it doesn't escape...it can get in some pretty crazy places, and i hate digging it out from under the couch i've tried working right from the skein, which works fine if i don't move the skein! i take my projects almost everywhere, so the skein ends up getting squished and i end up with tangles. same thing when i get to the last bit of yarn in the skein. i get such a tangled mess! anyway....long explanation for why i thought the sleeves might be helpful. i could use some yarn organization here at home. most of the time it looks like a yarn explosion just about anywhere you go in my house!
  15. lol cindra.... i've just seen them recently. i wind my yarn into balls now, but in the past i didn't. i actually like it better right from the middle of the skein, but my crochet travels so much these days, that seems to mess them up. i thought the sleeves might be helpful. they're not terribly expensive, but i'm happy to save a penny when i can. maybe i can invent a homemade version lol... thanks to you both for replying!
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