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    I am a stay home mum with five children.
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    Melbourne Australia
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    Crochet, walking, reading crime novels and cooking
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  1. I make hats and pram rugs for the salvation army welfare. But I can't manage a jacket or cardigan. They always turn out funny looking I need to find a really simple pattern. Can you recommend any patterns?
  2. Thanks Michelle, I will keep an eye on the letter box.
  3. Hi, This is a seraphina shawl. I found the pattern link on this site. It works up really quickly when you get into the pattern. esta
  4. Hello Milli, When my babies were little, I had an aunt who made face washers with crochet cotton edges around them. She purchased inexpensive face washers in bright prints and pastels and crocheted an edging. They are fantastic when the baby spits up, or to toss over your shoulder when burping. They look lovely and people will ask the mum where she got them. They also wash up so easily. I know it's not an outfit, but definately indispensible.
  5. Hi Michelle, Glad to hear to parcel arrived safely, and you mum liked the colors inj the shawl. I hope she finds it useful as a bed jacket or knee rug. Those hospitals can be very cold when you can't get up and move about. I hope the operation goes well and she comes home quickly. Esta
  6. Hello Michelle, (angel) I have sent your parcel today. I hope you enjoy recieving it, as I enjoyed making it. Esta
  7. I didn't even think. To quote Homer Simpson DOH! The numbers are worn off Michelle. I am sure anything you are kind enough to make will be just fine. I think I will go to bed now, I need a good sleep.
  8. Oh Michelle, The jokes I could make about this! He wears a 61 inch cap, so he's definately got a big head! Don't stress too much. By the way, I had the best idea for your mums surprise. She's going to like it because I have been working on it everywhere I go and a few people kept dropping hints about having it for christmas. Esta
  9. This is a great bag. I love this easy pattern too. I think a few of these may turn into christmas presents.
  10. Give the poor girl a break; will ya!...... She's probably just having a long weekend. There are already nine pages here and we haven't even started. She probably decided it was too hard and ran a mile. Just imagine how many pages there will be after we all start bombarding her with questions.
  11. Too Bad you didn't join in Colleen. We could have been partners and saved us both some postage.
  12. I have just completed the first 10 rows and mine has bobbles in it. It doesn't look flat like Mirandas? HMMMMMM (That's me scratching my head)
  13. I just found this cal. I have always felt nervous about felting, but I would love to give it a go. Can't wait to start...
  14. This sounds great. I can't wait to start looking through my pattern books. I usually skip over the mens patterns. Did you get my survey Donna? I just sent it off.
  15. Hello Jacqui, Hello Aurora, I'm in Melbourne and I'm making butterflys too. I don't usually buy this book but I was so glad I did, when I saw this CAL. And I found some Aussies too. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi.
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