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    Margarite Bedspread

    AWESOME! I've seen some of these patterns and just can't think of starting due to the time required, but my son just warned me he's thinking of popping the question, so maybe I'll take encouragement from you and take the plunge!
  2. sparkles

    Easy small doilies

    Oh, my goodness! Go to google or any search engine and type in free doily pattern crochet or any version of that. crochet.about.com, freepatterns.com, crochetnmore.com, you'll find lots!
  3. sparkles

    New Here and new patterns

    Welcome! I liked the skirt WITH the tie, by the way. Looked empty without it. CUTE!
  4. sparkles

    Old-Time Crochet mag Autumn 1994

    THANKS SO MUCH!!! I'm in heaven! When I looked on ebay it wasn't there. So glad you found it!
  5. Just love the Random Rose Doily from Autumn 1994 issue of Old-Time Crochet magazine. This mag is no longer published, or I would subscribe! Anyway, any way of knowing how to get this pattern??
  6. sparkles

    What's your favorite thread?

    So where's the best (least expensive) place to buy Cebelia????
  7. sparkles

    Doily help (slip stitch)

    Good discussion, all. What happens in the next couple rounds is that they use stitch from the top of the loop, and it kinda arches. I think the idea of ch 3 and then triple into the sc might work. It's the same all around for these rounds, no variations that would matter if I start at one or another loop. I'll read further and see if it matters further down, tho. AND, I'm glad I'm practicing with 20, 'cause I just bought Kathy's (Katchkan) doily pattern books from her website, and she uses smaller thread most - maybe all?- of the time. I'm absolutely in awe of her work, and am dying to try some!
  8. I know it sounds funny to ask for slip stitch help, but am making my first doily using size 20 thread. Seems small to my fingers, but am enjoying the change from 10. Anyway, I have 7 ch loops attached to previous round by sc. Joined at the sc. It says to join (OLDER pattern, which doesn't even say join by sl st), then tells me to sl st to middle of loop. Well, how do I slip stitch up a chain without it becoming what seems like a THICK section? It's so NOTICABLE!!! Any ideas???
  9. sparkles

    short double crochet?

    Bless You!!
  10. sparkles

    short double crochet?

    I'm working on a doily written in the 50s. One of the stitches for the final trim calls for what they call a "short double crochet" I want to assume it means a half double, but everytime I assume something I get in trouble. Anyone out there who would know for sure? MEGGA THANKS!
  11. sparkles

    Enchanting by PK

    Thanks! I'll try it!
  12. sparkles

    Keepsake Doily tested

    LOVE IT!!! Am in awe of Kathy's creations, and just am enamored with the idea of putting sewing thread alongside for that peek-a-boo of color. GREAT IDEA! Think I'll try that on my next doily!
  13. sparkles

    Enchanting by PK

    okay, I have a question. I've changed colors in yarn, but not yet in thread. In fact, I've not yet changed threads at all in a doily, and am on one now that will need another one. So, how do you hide the change? In yarn I just put one piece along next to the one I'm crocheting with and kinda crochet with both for a while. Can't imagine doing that with thread, since each bit of the work is so small and intricate and NOTICABLE. Huh?
  14. sparkles

    Thread dresses

    Those Are Absolutely Awesome!!! Wonderful Work!!
  15. sparkles

    Round ripple

    LOVE IT!