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  1. Wow! Those are beautiful! I love little babies, but just can't crochet with thread. Thanks for showing them
  2. Nekkid babies are so cute! What a great find! Can't wait to see the clothes.
  3. heltonart


    Those colors are WILD! You've inspired me to start one of these. So pretty!
  4. Not sure if he/she appreciates it though! LOL! Super cute!
  5. I believe you can buy them through their website.
  6. That's beautiful! I'm working on one, and it's getting somewhat heavy. With your size one, it must be quite heavy! I'm sure it's nice and warm too!
  7. Nice! Very light and airy. Would be great down here in south Texas!
  8. Is there a picture anywhere for this pattern? Anybody make this? Would love some help, it sounds wonderful!
  9. How are the Japanese style ones different???
  10. Sooo cute! I've made a much simpler one for a granddaughter. Used a small doll from Wmart. Yours is very nice. I think I see a lost crochet hook down in your couch cushions! LOL! (Just joking
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