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  1. wow! your work is beautiful. keep it up.
  2. wow! that is beautiful. I use 4mm or E beads with a size 7 needle. 5 inches of beaded thread = one inch of rope. oh yeah thread size is 10. Im a new villager so i dont know how to show my pixs yet. but when i do i will show at least one set. I also do the bracelet and earrings. seed beads? you are really good!
  3. Wow! thanks for the hardy welcome. I noticed some outstanding beaded crochet (a necklace). I bead jewelry also. I sell mine by the set. Necklace, bracelet & earrings. I actually use 4mm or E beads with a size 7 needle. Im so glad to be named among such a talented family.
  4. Hello Crochet Family My name is Avi, I am very new at being on line but I have been crocheting for many many years 30+. I learned at a very early age. I crochet everyday. I am a crochet designer. I believe when it comes to crochet, anything and everything is possible!
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