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  1. catwoman

    Knitting question

    Hi Granny Square. I dont think its a pattern on the internet .I just wanted to know. Thanks for the amazing help grannysquare.
  2. catwoman

    Knitting question

    Hi.I was wondering what this means when a pattern gauge says "in pattern? Can someone please break it down for me to understand? Thanks.
  3. Hi guys. I was wondering could a person use 19,21,24,and a 36 inch circular needles for the magic loop or the traveling loop?
  4. catwoman

    Circular Knitting Needles Questions

    Hi GrannySquare .Thanks for the awesome help.Can i ask you one more thing ?Can a person use 1 long circular needle for making small diameter projects?
  5. Hi guys. I am a beginner knitter and i don't know anything about Circular Needles yet. I have some questions that i need some help with on Circular Knitting Needles and Different methods of using them.I like using knitting needles because if my gauge is off by a inch or two i like to add a few sts or one row to the pattern on the needles when i have too much sts and when i cant get gauge even by changing the size of needles and yarns. Can a person still do that on Circular Needles? I was wondering does Circular Needles have Number Sizes like US numbers and MM,Tip Length Sizes &Cable Length Sizes? Also,Can a person use 2 Short or Long Circular Needles for Large diameter (Circumference) projects? Can a person use the Traveling Loop and the Magic Loop on short cable circular needles? What do you guys think?
  6. catwoman

    Knit and crochet hat questions

    Hi Grannysquare.Thanks for the help.So a person doesn't have to do it? would it slip around when a person turns their head?Will it still fit ? I would hope that would still fit and not slip around right?
  7. Hi.i was wondering if a person really has to do these things in knitting or crocheting a hat. the first is does a person have to by something called negative ease like adding 2 inches extra?can a person not do that and still make a hat? The last one is does a person have to do measure the length of a chain plus 2 rows and make sure it equals the head circumference? What does equals mean? What do you guys think?does a person have to know or do these things for making a hat?
  8. catwoman

    Crazy hands knit pattern help

    Hi Granny Square.Thanks fro the amazing help.When i measured the cuff it was about either 10 1/2 inches or 12 inches across and that's before stretching it a little bit on the cuff which was to many inches across. Also the yarn that I am using is patons decor yarn and the yarn labels gauge is 20 sts and 26 rows.the recommended knitting needles is a us 7 4.5 mm.
  9. catwoman

    Crazy hands knit pattern help

    Hi granny square. . I am using a worsted weight yarn from patons with a us 4 3.5mms Dpns.
  10. Hi . I ripped back my knit hat back all the way back because the cuff ribbing was to long and to big for my small head lol. The link to the pattern is here Https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/winter-cable-hat I want to make the cast on sts for the cuff in round 1 smaller and also the increase round sts way smaller? How does a person figure that out? Can someone break it down for me and help me understand this? It says in one of the comments pages someone asked to cast on how many sets for a 4 year old child and crazyhands replies :for the ribbing part you can cast on 76 sts .then you should increase to that number of sts that can be divided by 12(for ex 96)? Why does a person have to increase by 12? What does it mean by that?what is a multiple of 12? Can a person make the increase sts smaller then 12 or would it mess up the pattern round sts?
  11. Hi GrannySquare. OOps i didnt think that the link wouldn't work.Here is the correct link http://crazyhands.net/winter-cable-knit-hat/ Thanks for the amazing help grannysquare.I now get what it means.
  12. Hi guys.I was wondering if you guys can help me understand this patterns round 1 after the cast on 96 sts The pattern link is crazyhands.net/winter-cable-knit-hat/ It’s the first round with the increase .It’s the knit one st from previous round,4k,repeat from the knit one?you are suppose to get 120 sts after this round but how does a person get the 120 sts? also what does 4k mean does it mean knit 4 or increase 4? I know that its a crochet forum not a knitting forum.Any help would be appreciated. I tried to add a bunch of numbers together but can’t get 120 sts What do you guys think?
  13. catwoman

    HeyDayCrochet Doily Bag Questions

    Hi Granny Square. Thanks for the help. I have used Dc's instead of Sc's which i should never have done because i thought that it would work and wouldn't make much of a difference.
  14. Hi.I need your guys help with the pattern for heyday doily bag i'am having a hard time with making the bag.the pattern says that gauge doesn't matter on this pattern.I had to rip the bag back twice so far because the bag is still abit big for me. The pattern is in uk terms.Its uk dc's and us sc's.I tried to do it with dc's. I am usually a loose crocheter .I have tried using both a h hook and a g hook.I am using my vanna choice worsted weight label 4.I don't know if I could use a f crochet hook on a 4 play label yarn. The pattern is a paid pattern. the link to the picture of the bag and to the pattern is https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/537680804/vintage-doily-bag-pattern?ref=ss_listing I hope that it might help. The yarn that she uses is rico creative 100 percent cotton Aran which has on the yarn label of 17 sts and 22 rows 4 inches. I don't know if I should try a few different things like trying to change the way I hold the yarn or change the yarn weight or go by the gauge on the yarn labels or change the type of crochet hook to plastic? I don't know what to do.what do you guys think that I should do?
  15. catwoman

    Drape Yarns Questions

    Hi granny square. thanks for the amazing help.