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    Was someone looking for this pattern?
  2. I started this a while ago(Big Book of Weekend Crochet and lost the Book, p134 from the note I made). It is a pattern stitch from a sweater. I need help figuring it out to finish an afghan.
  3. Teri, I just posted looking for a pattern stitch from Big Book of Weekend Crochet (Lacy Cardigan p.134, pattern stitch) and I think this may be the one I used. Thanks I think. Linda
  4. I am looking for a pattern in this book. It was written by Hilary Mackin and Sue Whiting. A couple of years ago I started the lacy Cardigan and I never finished it before my granddaughter was born. I cannot find my book now. I don't need the pattern but I was using the pattern stitch to make a little afghan. Can anyone help me finish, I have about 24 inches in length done but I have to make it longer. It is a type of 3 double crochet shell. Another 2 grandchildren are on their way.
  5. Interesting, I did not know there was a knit map.
  6. Where do I shop for crochet stuff in Great Falls. Also, where do I shop for quilting supplies?
  7. Help, I have this magazine and a few of the pages have been torn out, mostly pictures of items. I would like to know what I am missing. Does anyone have this. It has a yellow cover, a picture of a toddler wearing a beige cardigan with a cross stitch like pattern in red. There is also a baby in a blue and red bunting. Thanks. Linda
  8. Ahhh, my Mom would love this.
  9. Great idea for the granddaughter.
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