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  1. You could join the Stashbusting CAL. You just crochet whatever you want and post your progress. You get 2 points for every skein you use up and 1 point for every ball you use up. You lose 2 points for every skein you aquire and 1 point for every ball you aquire. You can post about whatever all week and then on Saturday you post (Week to Date) WTD and your score and (Year to Date) YTD and your score.
  2. Off Topic Q&A favorite disney princess I just posted in there. Can you go check it out.
  3. Im in Coweta, it was supposed to get up to 100 yesterday.
  4. Just trying to get the word out about the games thread in the off topic forum. Why not go and check them out. Some of them are pretty neat. I think they are a lot of fun. One that is on the second page that no one has posted to in a while is This or That: Fun Game to Get to Know One Another. I think its interesting. Check it out or not its up to you. I like um.
  5. Ok that baby is just way way way to cute. I could eat him up.
  6. I am 24 and have been crocheting since about 11 or 12. My nana (dad's mom) taught me how. And now my 11yr old cousin is joining the family. She has been at it maybe a year or two. My granny nana's mom crocheted for my nanas whole childhood. By the time I her first great-grandchild came along she had done quit. She made so many afghans its not funny. She did all sorts of other stuff also. My nana's first husband my grandpa his grandmother taught my nana how to crochet. So crocheting is all over my family. Me and my cousin are just keeping the family tradition alive
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