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  1. Hmm, definitely a mistake in row 1. I think it should read: Turn with 3 ch., 1 tr. into same stitch as chain., miss 1 stitch, 2 tr. into next st., 1 ch., 2 tr. into next stitch., miss 1 st., 2 tr. into last st. The 'gp' stitch they are referring to is finally explained on row 6 as (all into one stitch or ch. sp.: 2 tr., ch., 2 tr. The twisted tr. seems to refer to a round the post stitch as it round the post of the tr. on the previous row. Well, that's what I'm going to do, seems to be working. The increase is just a normal increase by doing more than one into one stitch.
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  3. I've attached a photo of the pattern's image to see if that helps anyone help me. I am completely stuck. It is a UK pattern so our dc=US sc and our tr=US dc I've made the two circular panels which go on either side of the baby's head and now I'm trying to make the middle section. I don't know how to do twisted tr nor nor a 'gp' which in the abbreviations list means group and I'm not clear on how to increase either. When the pattern instructs to do a twisted tr is it meaning that I should do the tr down into the stitches of the previous row? I just can't make head nor tail of it. Is a
  4. Hello everyone, I've got a Peter Pan baby bonnet crochet pattern which mentions a stitch I haven't encountered previously and there are no instructions on how to do it. It is called a twisted treble (UK terms). After ch 7 I do a row of DC then the instruction is to do a row of twisted treble crochet. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I've got a Peter Pan baby bonnet crochet pattern which mentions a stitch I haven't encountered previously and there are no instructions on how to do it. It is called a twisted treble (UK terms). Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks
  6. I happened upon an example described as tulip. It looks quite similar, although I think the scale is smaller. What do you think?
  7. Hi there, I was admiring the Oscar de la Renta suit on the left of the attached picture. It is described as being crocheted. I was wondering what the pattern is and if anyone has seen something similar in crochet patterns as I my purse is not deep enough to stretch to lovely Oscar de la Renta.
  8. Thank you. I have a large stash of cross stitch cotton which I'd thought to use but I see from what I've started (the roses) that it's going to burn through the stash before it's finished so I'm going to start again with sewing threads. I also thought I'm make do with a 1.5mm hook but the pattern calls for a smaller size and I can see that the petals on the roses aren't going to stack up properly with the slightly bigger stitches. Best to just frog for now rather than get too deep in. These doilies are beautiful but it's going to work out expensive for the number of thread spools involved.
  9. Hi there, I am working on a Ferosah painted doily pattern. I know what a slip stitch is but I just don't think I can be doing this correctly. When one has a chain space and a completely new length of thread to slip stitch into the space the tail is loose. The next instruction is to chain one then do a sc (US terminology). It just leaves a bit of a loose start and I wonder if there is some little trick to it as I'm self taught and may have missed something. How do you slip stitch new threads into chain spaces? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello all, I have just been working on a hat which has rounds of treble crochet (UK) followed by rounds of single crochet (UK). My problem is even though the pattern instructed me to keep the single crochet loose and I really tried it was still tighter, making a tight band at the bottom of the hat. Are there any tricks to keeping it looser? I was wondering if I could just change hook to a bigger one and then go back but perhaps there is a better way to hold the hook? I know treble crochet is looser but I find my single crochet always ends up tighter, even in comparison to double crochet
  11. That's really pretty and modern too. It turned out beautifully.
  12. That's what I end up doing too, I just keep adding to the creations until the baby is born. what lovely baby things you made.
  13. On the link to the Pine Cone Hill Outlet this throw is now reduced to 117 dollars.
  14. Thank you AngelRoseLite. I'm about to get started on a set for my baby now (due January). I think next time I'll use a less vivid green.
  15. I particularly like the bonnets, may I ask what the pattern is? Can I buy it from somewhere or is it vintage?
  16. Hi there, I've just finished a set of baby booties, mittens and a couple of hats. My friend is ready to have her baby so I had to hurry. The booties pattern was a bit tricky to follow in parts but I got there. The mittens work up really quickly. I really like the hat patterns but keeping track requires lots of stitch markers for the spiral parts. I wouldn't recommend the wool I used, Bonus DK acrylic. It tended to split when I was working it, meaning I had to go much more slowly and carefully to get a nice finish. I don't have the label for the white wool. The flower hat pattern
  17. Hi there from a pregnant Scottish crocheter. This is a great forum.
  18. Does anyone know of a pattern to make booties like those?
  19. What a lovely job you made of those. The first time I tried booties they turned out tiny! What pattern did you use?
  20. Hi there, I have carpal tunnel syndrome because of a thyroid problem and pregnancy. Wrist braces at bedtime really help. On the crochet front, take time to find a position for your work which minimises the twisting motion in the wrist. You may find that holding the work at a different angle from your dominant hand, so the hook goes straight into it on the forward motion, helps. I also find the crochet hook pencil grip works better for carpal tunnel. I taught myself to crochet and didn't do the pencil grip so it took a little bit of effort to retrain myself but careful placing of the woo
  21. Hi there, Modern equivalent. I'm just researching at the moment, no particular pattern in mind.
  22. Hello everyone, I recently read a reference to a book on lacis while reading about historical needlework. It was published in 1909 and is a complete guide by Carita. I bought a copy off eBay but I found that is it available free online because it is out of copyright. I thought members may enjoy reading it. Here is the link: http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/book/lookupname?key=Carita Nemomum
  23. I don't really want to use modern man-made materials. I'm trying to use a really old style thread so the things I make are as close to historical filet as possible. As long as the price reflects quality materials then that's okay.
  24. Hello everyone, I've been using mercerised cotton, as called for in a vintage pattern, but I don't really like the feel of it. It doesn't drape nicely and feels quite hard really. Is there a really luxurious thread I could try instead? All ideas welcome. Nemomum
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