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  1. These gifts will be enjoyed. I like all of it!
  2. I did a guitar afghan and I did not fasten off. Sometimes there was only one stitch in a color. I had a rubermaid tote sitting in front of me with all my skeins (Including some at the end I was working from both ends ) Then every so often I had to stop and straighten. I only had 3 color but they were repeated in the rows so several skeins. I did not carry the colors through. Literally picked up the color at the stitch then left it hang when I picked up the next color. As long as it was in a close proximity in the next row. I hope I havent made this more confusing. I know at first I was thinking of backing off the project but it was for my son. So I had to dig in. What I found was it wasnt bad and I would do them again and again. Oh I also make a copy of the pattern and draw a line thru stitches that I have done. I do it when I change colors or just every so often but never stop at the begining or end of a row. Seems time consuming but since you change directions its much easier if you happen to set it down and dont get back to it right away. You know exactly where you are which direction your going.
  3. Ok I'm a Mickey fan and love the Minnie one. My neices love Minnie but are getting a little big for these. Bbbuuuttt there's plenty of young couples in the family so there'll be more coming along . These would be wonderful gifts. Where can I get the patterns?
  4. Thanks. I've never seen one in fabric before. I moght try this one.
  5. redheart.com You can actually order directly from them.
  6. Hi . I've been on here almost a year and find lots of interesting/helpful tips, ideas, patterns. I have also been joining in on the book challenge. Anyway enjoy! Are you south or north of Spgfld? I'm a little over an hour south.
  7. Really like the aprons. Nice job.
  8. :welcomeGlad you've joined us. Also how neat that you have your own group to share crochet with. I've tried to encourage friends/relatives to join me but they all say they can have me make it for them . I was so glad to find this site to have somewhere to share my joy of crocheting.
  9. Hi from Illinois. The bleachers are where I get my portable projects done also. A son in HS and one in Jr High.
  10. I love the girlie colors. I finished the same one for my son a couple of months ago in orange, black, and grey. I didn't carry my colors through but I didn't cut them each time either. So I had like 12-14 yarns going at any one time. They was coming from both ends of all my skeins. I had to untangle two or three times while doing the center. But it feels great when getting it done. Or at least it did for me. She is going to love it. Great job!
  11. I try to do it as I go. I dread having to do all of them at the end. But yes it does make it difficult if it has to be redone. No matter what when I'm done I usaully have some I missed so I always have to give it a twice over to be sure
  12. I tried the foam covers but didnt care for them. Then I tried the bamboo hooks. I'm seriously thinking of giving away all my other hooks. I've not used any of them since.
  13. Hi..I've joined in before with special olympics scarf project. I'd like to join in again but not quite sure with what. I'm thinking maybe some hats to send to the shelter in StL. But would like to start doing little hats/blankies for hospitals for babies/premies/families with loss or even children going into foster care. These each touch close to our family. Any suggestions on how to start - patterns, who to contact, etc appreciated.
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