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  1. Blankets are abundant in my house. My dad brings at least one back every year from his fishing trip up north. But with two dogs I'm surprised they've held up. I'm making my mom an afghan this year for Christmas, and I know she will use it, but she's going to have to hide it from the "puppy" that still likes to chew things.
  2. NO!!! That's crowdsourcing. http://www.no-spec.com/info-for-businesses/ If I'd seen this post earlier I would have offered to help. I'm a designer. My work can be viewed at http://www.shaunalynndesign.com. The risk you run with sites like the logo contests is you risk quality as well as not knowing if a "designer" is copying an already existing logo. They treat the logos like a factory in which the contact with the client is not there and you risk not finding something you like at all. It brings down the business of graphic design and while you will get a logo for not much money, it's not going to be on par with what you could get with working one on one with a professional. I hope this helps. It's only meant to inform and educate.
  3. I luckily haven't had any of this happen to me yet, but I'm also really new to crocheting. So far I've only made things for people that have asked for them or shown interest in them. I crochet during work (I'm a scorekeeper for the rec hockey games so there's a lot of downtime between whistles and it helps keep me warm, all the hockey players are cool with it because they know I still pay attention) and it's gotten me a few weird stares and a guy asking for my number haha. He wanted a scarf (I made him an infinity scarf/snood) before he deployed to Bahrain and when I finished it he came over and thanked me and asked for my number and said we'd keep in touch while he was gone. I got a text from him about a half hour later that said "This thing is awesome! I just wore it the whole way home!". He said he's going to use it when he gets back to New Jersey this winter. Another hockey player (friend of mine) made fun of me for several weeks when I first started. He then approached me a few weeks ago asking for a scarf in our college's colors (he's the teams head coach). I gave it to him Thursday night and he LOVED it. Two of my coworkers wore it that night, too, because they were cold and he was refereeing and it was in the office. I worry though that his dog is going to get a hold of it. I know he will take good care of it, but his dog finds his hockey pucks and tears them apart.... so we will see. I do hope I don't ever have that happen with my crochet stuff. I did have that happen with a painting I made for my grandma one year. I'd sent it up with my dad and then when I came up to her house at christmas time I found it sitting in the fireplace with other stuff. I was really really upset.
  4. I made my first successful crochet-in-the-round project. I made a coffee sleeve! All of my friends rarely see me without a coffee in hand so I thought this would be a great project and I can use it for my iced coffee, too! Yarn: Loops & Threads Charisma Color: Holiday Weight: 5 bulky Hook size: K Photo: http://instagr.am/p/K1zKI/?ref=nf
  5. I'm 23, been crocheting about 2 months now. I got made fun of by my supervisor at work a lot (I score keep for hockey games so there's a lot of crochet time in there) until he came up to me and asked me to make him a scarf in my university's colors... ha!
  6. I'm in a synchronized skating group at my ice rink and for the fall we're doing a Black Swan inspired routine which got me thinking about the movie (I love it). A few months back I found a scarf that looked similar to the one Nina wore with her pink jacket, but it smelled funny and was way too long for me so I went to Jo Ann Fabrics today and found this awesome, soft, fluffy white yarn (Patons Divine in Icicle white) and decided I'm going to make an infinity scarf out of it. Have you guys gotten inspired by movies you've seen or made replicas of what you saw in a movie? Post pics!
  7. Hello there! I'm Shauna, I'm 23 and I recently picked up crocheting to pass the time when I've got nothing going on. I am a recent college graduate and graduated with a degree in graphic design. I figure skate in my free time in addition to working and coaching at the rink. I started crocheting because I am the scorekeeper for the local league hockey games and had nothing to keep myself busy during very slow games. The guys would get mad when I would text and draw so I figured I do something that would take my attention too much away from the game (please note I never miss the clock, they just get mad that I'm not watching their game like a hawk haha). I've been getting teased lately by my supervisor (who is also my friend) but I've also managed to find some of my friends that love crocheting and we've formed a little bond. My mom and I crochet together when I come home and we took a class a few weeks ago to brush up on it (she did it years ago and I learned the absolute basics and forgot some of them). So she and I are having fun sending pictures of our scarves back and forth. I'm looking forward to graduating from doing just scarves! Nice to meet you all!
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