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  1. Joan ... I did some searching and found this pattern for you ... it chains 50 for adult sizes .. I hope this helps! SusanB's Teen/Adult Ribbed Cap
  2. Charlene ... I just looked at the pattern .. the reason they want you to turn the round .. is because you are crocheting in the back loops only ... this helps continue the rib effect she's going for. Make sense?
  3. Oh wow .. those are all great .. but my favorites are the last two .. I love that hexagon shape .. is that a free pattern somewhere or your own design?? Beautiful work .. the hospice is very lucky to have you.
  4. Those are fabulous jackets and hats!! I love the colors ... purple shades are my absolute favorites Used to drive my Ex crazy .. now that he's gone .. there is purple everywhere, and crochet projects in just about every room HA HA
  5. That is just simply stunning!! do you work from a pattern for the bodice, or just wing it?
  6. That Teddy is adorable!! I just love teddy bears!!
  7. Solitaire


    Extreme cuteness .. I just love the kitty's smile .. it reminds me of the Chesire Cat.
  8. Sakurasaku, I have pm'd Goldi about a week ago .. and requested the revisions ... so far, I haven't heard from her. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  9. Hello and to Crochetville, from Seattle, Washington!!
  10. Hi There and from Seattle Washington!
  11. Here is a baby cap that is crocheted in the round ... do a google search, or search on CrochetPatternCentral .. you should find several patterns. http://www.bettysloft.com/default_files/page0014.htm
  12. Absolutely Stunning!! I love them .. if you ever write down the pattern I would love to have a go at it
  13. ChromeKitty .. what a WONDERFUL graphic illustration ... I just started my second Seraphina .. and was searching the Ville for tips when I ran across this ... I wish I had this when I made my first one (yanked a ton of hair out LOL) This has now been printed out and put with my pattern for reference!!!!
  14. Love them!! Specially the skulls ... what pattern did you use for them? I have several people that would just love to have anything skulls lol:lol
  15. Here are some links to less lacey squares: Plain Jane Square Carousel Square Gothic Square or .. you can always visit here and look under the Squares catergories for something you might like: Crochet Pattern Central - Free, Online Crochet Pattern Directory
  16. That is just too precious!! I love hearing things like this!
  17. oh wow ... how pretty is that!! Makes me wish I were skinny enough to wear it LOL
  18. Thank you all for the lovely compliments! I laid the rug out last night and with the help of my daughter measured it ... (she likes to help) and it measures 25 inches across .. just perfect for personal meditation time. I've been attempting to teach her to crochet, she's nine now, but she's having difficulty making her chains uniform. One day I'll have her crocheting like mommy
  19. ***!! That is absolutely adorable!!! I'm loving it!
  20. Those are way too cute ... I have a crochetnit hook I got from Joann's clearance bin .. I'm gonna have to search for patterns for it
  21. That is just too precious!! Great job
  22. Thank you for picking my name and mizduck's name :o) my daughter is over here dancing in delight that you chose her suggestion .. she can't wait to have me make some of these for her and her Big Sister to take to the Children's Hospital here in Seattle. Thank you once again
  23. Here are some links to ones I found searching google Morrissey Dolls Crochet Patterns for Dolls Home I hope this helps
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