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  1. Hi ... I haven't done a graph afghan yet .. but you could start here for some help Tips for Crochet Graphs - Crochetville--A Crochet Forum and Message Board Good luck and post pics!!
  2. Is this what you are looking for? Comfort Heating Pack - Crochetville--A Crochet Forum and Message Board Or this one? Help a Soldier-Comfort Bags - Crochetville--A Crochet Forum and Message Board
  3. My best friend is married to a Scotsman .. I will ask him if he's ever heard of cleeking when I talk to them tomorrow. I'll let everyone know what I find out.
  4. From Seattle Washington! Now, sit back .. grab a cup of relax, and prepare to have tons of fun here at Crochetville!! We're glad you joined us.
  5. What a great hat, and such a cute model!! I may have to make this for my son ... he's always asking me to make him stuff, since I make lots of stuff for his sisters
  6. What about these from LionBrand? Free Crochet Pattern: Jiffy® 5½ hour Throw Free Crochet Pattern: Homespun® Autumn Afternoon Afghan Free Crochet Pattern: Homespun® Basketweave Throw Free Crochet Pattern: Homespun® Crochet Waterfall Throw Free Crochet Pattern: Homespun® Diagonal-Striped Throw Free Crochet Pattern: Homespun® Four and a half Hour Afghan
  7. This one looks pretty close .. what do you think? AC_Kufi Ohhhhh I think this one might be very close Bernat: Pattern Detail - Cool Crochet - Skullcap
  8. sounds like its going to be really pretty .. and ripples don't really require an edging .. cuz the ripples kinda make the edging. Can't wait to see pics of your ghan!
  9. You definately need to take a bow for this afghan! :fameMy children and I are HUGE Harry Potter fans and I started :droolwhen I saw this ... its absolutely Brilliant!! I will definately have to give graph crocheting a go one day .. maybe after the first of the year when all my Christmas/Yule obligations are taken care of.
  10. Very beautiful afghan .. is that the pattern from Annies Attic?
  11. Wow .. that was fast! I just mailed them out on Tuesday. I'm glad you like everything The pattern for the dragonfly is in a magazine I picked up about March or April .. I will go thru my pattern file and see which issue its in. Ok .. found the pattern info for the dragonfly ... its in the January 2006 issue of Crochet! Magazine.
  12. Ohhhhh I just looked at the pictures .. thats a fantastic hat .. let us know if you find the pattern and make it ... I soooo want to see that musical!
  13. *** .. my three year old daughter just squealed .... I WANT THAT Mommy! LOL .. I've never done a graph ghan .. she's just outta luck LOL
  14. Christina, I'm so happy to find this post about your patterns .. I thought I was going crazy today when I couldn't find the posts in the show and tell area. Keep up the good work designing, you definately have the talent!!
  15. Jessie ... Please PM me your address and color list ... I will try to get a few out to you this weekend. You want 12 inch squares .. right?
  16. Lea Watch your mail .. I sent just got back from the post office. I sent you a square and a few other goodies for her am sending lots of prayer and good thoughts her way.
  17. OMGosh .. that is beautiful just the way it is!!
  18. beautiful girls and beautiful ponchos and hats!
  19. That is just beautiful!! Great job
  20. Try this one .. it looks relatively easy Annie's Quick & Easy Crochet to Go - Pretty Pink Pineapples Afghan
  21. Ohhhh look what I found doing a google search for lys in your area ... yarn in Huntington Beach, CA
  22. I don't know where to find the pattern .. I searched google and came up empty .. but I found out that the ebay seller is the designer ... maybe you could email her and ask about the pattern
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