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  1. I thought I'd post pictures of the things I made for one of the teachers at my childrens' school. She is due in about 6 weeks now.
  2. That is just too cool that you want to learn to crochet for your girl ... here is a site with some videos that show you the stitches ... Enjoy!! Annie's Attic - Crochet
  3. I really love looking at all the BICO's too .. I keep an eye on the CAL as well .. and think all the BICOs are just awesome!! These two are adorable .. I love the variegated one .. but then I'm extremely partial to the variegated yarns out there Great job!! I really need to get my hook into one of these.
  4. Heeheehee you should crochet these for him ... and then if you are anywhere near him when he opens the box ... RUN!! This is the only other pair of gloves with fingers I can find so far. Good luck!
  5. Jessie, Check the in a few days .. I mailed out my three squares .. and some extras for you . Enjoy hon! And can't wait to see pics when you're done!
  6. Suzy, Welcome .. from Seattle Wa ... I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I have ... I love this place Everyone here is so friendly and helpful!
  7. I'm doing a happy dance!! Thank you for sharing your pattern for Harry .. I will definately be making this for my son for Yule!! He's going to love it! I'll probably have to make my three year old one as well LOL
  8. NO Black Friday for me (shudder) I'm an agorophobic and don't get out during holiday shopping times .. and I NEVER go to the mall ... but I love my Joann's during the week when everyone is at work and school .. I grab the three year old, hop the bus and off we go! I was busy today taking care of a sick three year old. But Wednesday and yesterday I managed to add about 15 to 20 more rows to the Seraphina I'm making for my best friend. Happy Holidays all!
  9. Welcome .. from Washington State!
  10. Solitaire

    in the round

    *** ... the camo is GREAT!!! I love how it turned out ... you've given me the answer to what color to make my son's afghan!! He was G.I. Joe for halloween. Thank you for posting the pic of your wonderful afghan!!!
  11. Jessie, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I will light a candle and ask that the right decision be made for your SIL. We are all here for you, when and if you need us! I'll be putting my squares in the mail for you tomorrow.
  12. I love the LionBrand newsletter .. and the dolls are adorable, and so is the story .. I for one would NEVER have thought to put the hat on their lil heads .. I probably would have tried using it for shoes :rofl
  13. I've been looking for this pattern since I read this post ... this is a quick poncho/sweater pattern .. I made this for my three year old and works up in one afternoon .. seems like it wouldn't be too difficult to add on sleeves or a hood either. Here is a picture of my lil monster princess wearing hers. I'm lighting a candle for these little girls and praying that they get the help they need to stay together! Keep us posted as to how they are doing .. and when I get some more of my wip's out of the way .. I'll try to send some 12 inch squares your way .. Blessings! Children Patterns
  14. Ohhhhhh I'm a Scorpio too .. and just LOVE that pillow!! Fantastic work!
  15. Jessie ... I have one more square to make .. and then I'll be sending them out to you ... hopefully by Monday at the latest ... I hope everyone is doing well, and that you are taking it easy.
  16. Melissa ... what about using either Microspun or simply soft ... they both have excellent drape and are WAY cheaper than that Ultra Alpaca!
  17. Welcome to Crochetville .. I'm Lisa from Seattle, Washington. Sit right on down and join us .. we'll help you in any way we can!
  18. I talked to my girlfriend's husband last night .. he said the same thing thats been said all along .. its the scotish word for crocheting. "snorlie latchets": Aren't those what happens to my hair when I get frustrated with a pattern stitch?
  19. Welcome to the "Ville from Seattle!
  20. I hear you on that issue ... after I finish what I have to make for Christmas .. and for the school auction in February ... I want to make a Dog The Bounty Hunter graph ghan!
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