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  1. Oh YarnCat!! My daughter's name is Cheyenne .. and she's been looking thru your hat patterns trying to decide which she wants me to make for her .. you just cemented the deal for me .. this one it is!! Thank you for such a great pattern!!
  2. Starr, I, too, have been attempting to teach my 9 year old daughter to crochet. She is also having trouble with holding the yarn and the tension. But she is learning and is determined to do what mommy does. We, too have the Kniffty Knitters both round and long sets. She makes all kinds of hats and scarves, and has such a yarn addiction that Santa brought her 12 skeins of her own to pet and play with! Enjoy passing on the yarn addiction tradition, I know I am:hook
  3. :flakeHi There ... I'm in Seattle where it's right now .. but I'd rather have Welcome!!
  4. Spices are always great ... if they drink coffee ... a bag of coffee beans, two mugs and crocheted mug warmers would be nice. Candles and candle holders for a romantic dinner. When I married the first time(don't ask lol), at my shower I was "pounded" The group that did my shower got together and filled a laundry basket with things that new brides don't think of, Flour, Sugar, Spices, Salt, Pepper, Laundry Soap, Dish Detergent, Fabric Softener, Corn Meal, Vinegar, Honey, Powdered Sugar, Brown Sugar, all the baking and cooking foods they could think of, measuring spoons and cups, plastic utensils, a dish drainer, veggie peeler, cook books, etc. That gift and the afghan my grandmother crocheted for me were my very favorite gifts!
  5. Thats very beautiful .. she's going to love it!
  6. Here are some links that I have found ... hope these help or inspire! LJ Crochet Community Archive - Pattern for fractal shawl Knitting Kits, yarns, patterns plus a link to useful knitting tips this one is knit .. but maybe will give you some inspiration Link is at bottom of page.
  7. I've made this pattern several times .. I really love it ... and I've used other yarns than Homespun too Free Crochet Pattern: Homespun® Family of Mittens
  8. German Bread & Dessert Recipes I found this link on google .. hope it helps
  9. Oh Jessie .. that is absolutely fabulous!! I've been clicking on that pattern and drooling over it for months now ... hmmmm I'm officiating at my girlfriend's wedding the end of the month .. I wonder if I have time to make this for her as a surprise?
  10. That is very very pretty! Your daughter is adorable!!
  11. Great sweater poncho! I love the colors you used. Don't you just love this pattern?? I made this for my 3 year old and its her favorite so far.
  12. That is really pretty. You did a wonderful job!! .. I just won this booklet on Ebay and can't wait for it to arrive .. I don't have one of my own thats small enough anymore .. but my sister just had a girl in September .. so YAY!
  13. Thats a fantastic scarf!! I adore dragons etc. I bookmarked this .. I may just have to give it a go after christmas.
  14. Crocheted Baby Cap And Booties - These look like the ones in the pic .. scroll down
  15. I've been eyeing that pattern, you did a great job, its absolutely darling!
  16. too cute .. I've been eyeing that pattern for a bit now
  17. That is a very gorgeous afghan! I love the colors. I checked out your blog ... Great Aran afghan too!!
  18. Thats a great beret, liz ... I'm definately going to have to give that one a go!!
  19. Ok everyone .. Eurolyons needs a huge group hug I hope this helps. I know what its like to feel like you are I'm a single mom of three lil ones ... so if you need to vent .. PM me ... lets rant together. :hug :hug
  20. Jessi!! wow that made it there fast! I'm so glad you like everything, just a lil something for you from my altar Can't wait to see pics, these are going to be gorgeous, I know!
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