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  1. That is adorable!! I know what you mean about not having a hat head I can't wear hats at all .. I look goofy:devil Great job on the hat!!
  2. I love it .. my 8 yo son just told me I HAVE to make this for him LOL Great work!!!
  3. Hello everyone, I've been absent from the 'Ville for a bit, but I'm back now. I was super busy while gone, and will post more pics of my crochet work as I get them taken. I made this round ripple for my best friend. We (the kids and I) wanted her to know that we are always thinking of her, so when she uses this afghan she's getting love from us. I finished it in a week and mailed it off to her before she had surgery. She got the package the day she came home from the hospital! It's two strands of Caron Pounders held together with a K hook. White and baby blue, her favorite colors. Here you go .. enjoy!
  4. Buttercup, this pattern is so easy to do, I can make one now without even using the written pattern .. and it takes me about a week to finish one that is 5 feet from point to point. I just made another one for my best friend and mailed it to her ... I'll have to post that one ... its baby blue and white
  5. I do both. Normally I have a project in mind, will get the yarn for that .. and then see yarn that catches my eye and I have to get it ... I admit, My name is Lisa and I have a yarn addiction. Please DO NOT help me.
  6. Gorgeous!! I love your purse, love it love it love it!! Great job:cheer:clap
  7. I just love this bag!! Great job:yay I will have to keep my eyes peeled for the bag pattern for my sister and myself.
  8. Gorgeous blanket!! I am wondering where you found the pattern, my best friend is pregnant, and I would love to make this for her. Thanks bunches
  9. Hi Ann .. and welcome from Seattle. I hope you enjoy your time spent here at the 'Ville .. I love it here
  10. I'm appalled .. my best friend is a knitter .. I'm a crocheter ... she knits for me .. and I crochet for her ... we both love LionBrand and use it alot ... I'm grateful for her ... I'm really sorry that you had such a bad experience ... I guess her mother didn't raise her properly enough to respect others. That's a shame.. isn't it?
  11. ok .. from what my children were able to gather from school .. the afghan brought in over $200! I'm very pleased!
  12. My childrens' school just did a fund raiser auction .. I crocheted a 60" diameter 12 point round ripple .... the school said it alone raised over $200
  13. The auction is tonight ... <crosses fingers>
  14. Hello .. and welcome from Seattle, Washington! I hope you enjoy your stay here with us on the 'Ville!
  15. lol jobug ... the auction site is online ... don't tempt me <huge grin>
  16. Thank you all for the kind words ... the Auction is on the 10th ... I'll let you know how it goes ... I'm hoping that it brings in a good price for the school!!
  17. MizDuck .. it only took two white and two blue pounders .. I was astonished!! As for my avatar .. I am a HUGE Criss Angel fan .. I watch his show "mindfreak" on A&E religiously ... so the Beautiful Angel .. refers to him ... Once I get all my other projects and wips out of the way .. I'll be designing a Criss Logo afghan to use while watching his show! Once its finished .. I'll post
  18. .... or the Reason I've Been Absent from Posting the past few months. I've been working on, and finally finished a round ripple afghan for my childrens' elementary school fundraiser auction. The auction theme is "The Snowflake Gala", so I did a 60" round ripple in Carons Pounders Midnight Blue and White .. I used two strands with an L hook. Enjoy ...
  19. Hi Margi .. and Welcome from Seattle WA:clap
  20. I talked to my therapist about it yesterday She agrees, great yarn, perfect project .. therapy for my OCD and PTSD symptoms. Now I realize why I have a stash that fills my entire closet
  21. Round Ripple Afghan This is the one I use .. and I even made it double stranded with an L hook this time .. donated it to the kids' school for auction.
  22. Oooooooooooooooh he's adorable!!! I would love to see the pattern for this. I'm a huge dragon fan .. I have them all over my bedroom and house! you did a great job!!
  23. Solitaire

    Plant Hanger

    That is really nice .. I"ll have to try find something thats not so stretchy. One thing I do for my plants is once a week ... I save the water from my cooked veggies, let that cool and then give some to each plant.
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