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  1. I love my knifty knitters, its the only way I can knit anything .. I'm all thumbs when it comes to trying to knit with needles. I have both the round looms and the long looms, along with an 18" small gauge knitting board from www.knittingboard.com I love all my looms. I made this scarf on my pink long loom from a pattern I purchased from Denise Layman at http://www.knitchat.com/ So far I have made three of these scarves. One in purple jiffy, one in blue wool ease and this one in Wool Ease Pines. Enjoy







  2. :roflYou're not insane. Just ignore the harry potter cal, I post too much there and I'm far from being a teen... I still like the lining on your bag, you did a good job (I can't sew:no so I'm always impressed by that).


    OMG .. I just noticed you posted that ... there's a HARRY POTTER CAL??? HOw in the world did I miss that??? I'm a HUGE HP fan

  3. Great bag. I love how you did the handles.



    Thanks ... I actually goofed making the handles .. they were a tad too long .. so I decided that I would attach them starting under the bottom of the bag .. extra support you know :lol


    Copchic .. I loved the fabric so much I had to buy what was left on the bolt :devil I think it was a total of 4+yards .. I just LOVE Joann Fabrics and Alexander Henry Fabrics

  4. Love the bag! Okay I'm not a fan of the lining, but it is interesting and if you like it, great. I like the handles too. You did a great job on it.


    LOL I love the lining fabric so much I bought 4 yards :devil I have a love of most things gothic/dark/macabre. I know, I know, I'm 41 and insane :rofl :rofl

  5. Thank you all. Yes, I just started making baby clothes without a pattern. Normally I have to have written instructions so that things come out right. Give me a few days, I need to buy more yarn to redo the dress (I have two pregnant friends) and write the pattern down as I go. Since I didn't think to write it down the first time.

  6. Hello all .. I just finished a new shoulder bag for myself. My backpack finally gave up the ghost so to speak, so I needed something good sized to hold my stuff ... This was my first attempt at lining and putting a zipper into a bag. Good thing I know the advanced basics of sewing LOL. I used two skeins of Black Caron Pounder yarn, (with about half left), a J hook. I started with a basic oval the size I wanted and then used a HDC around to the height I wanted and finished off with two rows of basketweave stitch. To keep the handles from stretching, I crocheted them down the length. I still want to add a pocket on the outside, and have a graph charted, I just need to perfect my graph crochet technique, so it doesn't look like a mess LOL. Now .. on to the pictures.

    th_000_0848.jpg The inside with all my junk

    th_000_0847.jpg the lining fabric I LOVE IT!

    th_000_0846.jpg Empty

    th_000_0845.jpg Outside

  7. http://www.angelfire.com/tx5/angelcrafts/patterns/christeninggown.html This is the pattern that I used and it was very easy to make. She has wonderful patterns on her site. It only took 1 and a part of a second skein of Bernat Baby Softee yarn. And I had it done in about 3 days minus finding the perfect embellishments LOL Thanks for all the compliments .. A Wiccaning gown is similar to a Christening gown but is used in a Wiccan/Pagan ceremony of welcoming a child into the parents pagan community, seeking the Lady's blessings and protection for the child and confirming the parents' chosen name for the child.
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