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  1. As I stated early, I started learning to crotchet about two days ago. I am teaching myself and I need some guidance. Just starting out what should my main focus be? There are so many things that seem important. Should I be working on tension? and what is gauging?? When should I start trying to make something? Right now, all I am making are little squares of stitches that I am trying to learn. So far I have learned the chain and the single crochet and ever time I think I am going make something it seems way to advanced. I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed and discouraged:(. Does anyone have any advice they can give to a beginner??
  2. Greeting from Dallas, TX. I am a real newbie. I just start crocheting umm about two days ago. I am trying to reinvent myself by learning a hobby and I picked crocheting. I really enjoy looking at all the pretty stuff other people make and I can't wait till I can make those things. Some far I can chain but I am learning the single crochet, so I am getting there. I see there is a wealth of knowledge here and I hoping I can learn a few things. I will be putting most of my post in the support/help section. So look for me there!!!!!!
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