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  1. if you scroll down you can see the pattern here http://www.crochetcabin.bravehost.com/
  2. Samio


    I actually believe the thread you are talking about has been locked by Amy. I cannot recall the name of the thread but it had something to do with "drowning daisy? in squares" I think LOL Amy had posted that the thread had started going into territory that is not allowed on the site and that she had already reminded people of that. Hope this helps
  3. I am in Lilydale and crochet basically anything except for dishcloths
  4. Welcome to crochetville from LILYDALE - Yay another Aussie and a Melbournite as well
  5. Just to let you know - this thread was started mid 2006. I dont think Bec has her site up and running anymore. Come to think of it, I have not seen Bec here for quite a while either.
  6. Hi Kylie and welcome I am also in Victoria - Lilydale to be exact - Where abouts r u ? hope you enjoy yourself here Sam
  7. You can get a lovely 4ply or 8ply cotton from some of the craft stores. I will have to hunt it out to find the label. I have made a few for a friend who unfortunately lost her battle earlier this year and over the summer months she really appreciated the cotton ones
  8. Also wanted to add , at the end of the pattern you need to do DC, you need to convert these to sc for American terminology
  9. Hi from Windy Melbourne. Definately glad to see another Aussie here
  10. I am glad I was able to help you. Make sure you post some pics of your project when you finish
  11. Welcome from Freezing cold Melbourne If you have a look at this thread you will be able to see how many of us there are. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=8473
  12. I know I can help with this, as I have just learnt this way the other week the pattern I am working on was for a double crochet and single crochet decrease.. But yours is pretty much the same It asks for you to do a sc and then HDC First put hook in the next stitch and then yarn over and pull through (2 loops on hook), then you will yarn over again to commence the hdc, hook into the 2nd stitch, yarn over again and pull through (4 Loops on hook), to finish the decrease yarn over once more and pull through the 4 loops on the hook. Decrease complete. Hope this helps, let me know and I will post step by step photos if you need
  13. and me. There is actually a thread with us all on it. I will try and find it later and post it here
  14. Hi Whereabouts in Melbourne are you? I am in Lilydale. Due to copyright we cannot share printed patterns eg: photocopied unless they have been designed by us and are to be shared
  15. Just reading this quickly. You are placing a sc into the loop that has been made by the 11ch on either side of the petals. Hope this helps
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