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  1. Thank you all for responding.. Creations822 & RoseRed- I haven't master working with 2 strands held together yet, maybe someday I'll try it Jennie G.- I just wrote down the moogly pattern to try, I do like your pink blanket.. Granny Square- I haven't throught about doing a granny square so if I can't the pattern to look right then it's the granny square one. Kim
  2. I'm looking for throws to do for my 8 year old twin neices. They will need to be easy and quick since I have to do 2 and be done by Nov. Thanks Kim
  3. Thank you so very much.
  4. I'm trying to find out the name of the book this pattern came from. I have tried contacting the person who sold it but haven't heard back. Kim
  5. Thank you red. I'll go take a look.
  6. I'm looking for a free border collie pattern or has anyone seen one?? I'm trying to make different things for my twin neices for christmas. I did make one of my neices a alligator scarf, now I need to find a border collie. TIA Kim
  7. Hi everyone. I joined a while ago and I'm looking a purse with alot of pockets. My sil has this thing with pockets. I starting crochet a little over a year ago so I'm a little, trying to get away from making scaves. Thanks for any help. Kim
  8. Hi everyone I joined this morning. My name is Kim and live in NJ. I have only been crocheting for this than a year and I also do plastic canvas stuff.
  9. This might be a long shot that this will be answer. I found this pattern last night and joined this morning and I'm stuck on row 3 of the crown, I'm not sure on what to do??
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