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  • Birthday 08/27/1979

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    My passion is Crocheting and hand dying yarn I am also dating a truck driver who is really great!
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    Portage, Wisconsin
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    Crochet, Quilting, Etc
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    Home Maker
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    Granny Squares and Home Decor
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    I've been crocheting since i was 13 my grandmother tought me i am now 26.
  1. i'm new to knitting just tought myself actualy!! i tought myself on dishcloths now they are addicting!!! i love knit cloths better then crocheted ones.. i'm making my friend whos having a baby a baby afghan in knit too thats the biggest project i can brave right now with knitting i got a few skeins of sock yarn though.. well see!
  2. Cville name is Tami Crochets R User name is TamiN
  3. you have inspired me to go sweater shopping and to make a retangle out of the yarn very nice!
  4. i have ordered the Irish , angel, easter and sweat pea dopily from crochet me I will be making 2 of each for my mothers store so you ladies can count on seeing me here for quite some time!
  5. glad to have you on board in our own little world of insanity jap hope you have tons of fun these squares are evil once you start you cant you cant stop!
  6. wonderful set any mom would surely love!
  7. moon yes this was my very first free form experience
  8. its another wonderful day with atouch of rain bummer well see how the day goes i plan on getting lots more done! picies soon!
  9. Way to go Mary I knew you wouldn't let me down !! Well be drowning in squares together. Do I hear a Square party calling? You grab the hooks I'll make the tea! LOL It's such a beautiful spring day out! kinda deceiving with the snow still on the ground lol. I'm in a tank top but feel like I should still be wearing a winter coat I'm so confused LOL!! Loving the spring day! Time to get working on some more squares before it gets to be too hot out! Friday, Greg(My bf) has a rock show to do sound for It's outside (pray we still have the warm weather out! ) I'll be going their with him more then likely I'll have my crochet bag with me cranking out those squares!!!! LOL Cara don't you know hun its all your fault! I suppose it is our fault that we are right handed crocheters! Were the ones not doing it right LOL! KEEP PUSHING OUT THOSE PATTERNS!
  10. debating on if i am brave enough to try thread yet!! LOL I've made doilies before but thread still intimidates me i'd love to use one of these on a fleese edged blanket! that would be soo pretty
  11. Any joiners or am i stranded alone on this one?
  12. Very Nice Cara .. you people are making me feel like i am slacking big time!! no progress made yet but ill be posting picies soon
  13. thanks tabby i'm just under alot of stress i'm 27 years old soon to be 28 my boyfriend is 39 between him and my mom and dad pressuring me to go out and find alife for myself is hard to do.. while id like to say crochet is my job it barely pays the bills!
  14. everyone is doing such a great job!! i'm sure ill come up with mine shortly here ! I'm starting school soon i have an interview with them wednesday so my life is gonna be hectic here for a bit! but i will start on mine asap!
  15. very cool... my boyfriend crochets and hes a huge guy were talking XXL and my boyfriend is totally obsessed with guitars... i've been learning how to play guitar and hes been crocheting with me
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