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    Ottawa, Ontario
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    Social Worker
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    Recently I've gotten into crocheting bags and purses. I also like crocheting winter wear and amigurumi/stuffed toys. Afghans and baby blankets are something else I enjoy making, mostly for charity.
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    Since about the age of 7, meaning I started around 1991 or so? Most of my life, anyway!
  1. Didn't get anything done this week, either. I've been spending my days at work and evenings/weekends at a festival, so no time for crocheting, unfortunately! WTD: 0 YTD: +79
  2. Not a stitch crocheted all week! Nothing purchased either... WTD: 0
  3. Got a whole lot of nothing done, crochet-wise. WTD: 0
  4. FInished off two skeins of cotton (+4) and didn't buy any yarn this week. I'm so pleased with how helpful I've found this CAL, seeing as I've managed to avoid buying any yarn since joining, apart from a few skeins I had to buy for a specific project I had started. WTD: +4
  5. Got my giant skein of cotton down to a ball after four dishcloths, so that's +1 (which is all for the week). WTD: +1
  6. I got some dishcloths done this week, but have been working from one of those giant skeins of cotton, so I only got a +1 from a ball I finished earlier in the week. WTD: +1 YTD: +74
  7. Didn't get anything more done today, so I'm at: WTD: +3 YTD: +73
  8. Rolled a skein of cotton to a ball, so that puts me at +3 for the week, so far. Hoping to get a big more crocheting done tonight!
  9. I'm very impressed with the no negative scores for last week! Well done everybody - that's such a great accomplishment! I have managed to finish another skein of cotton on some dish cloths, so I'm at +2 for the week so far.
  10. I've been on a road trip through New England most of the week, so I haven't had a huge amount of time to crochet. I did manage to use up two skeins on dish cloths though, and haven't bought anything, so my score is: WTD: +4 YTD: +70
  11. Didn't spend any of the Michaels gift card this week. Made a couple amigurumi items and got another skein to a ball. WTD: +3
  12. I've been crocheting a *lot* lately, but all small projects. I'm probably going to take part in a Christmas craft show (I know, it's only May!) so I've been working on small things that tend to be popular. I've also been getting into jewelry and wire crochet, so not using up a lot of yarn. I did manage to get two skeins down to balls this week, so I'm at +2. I also was given a $50.00 gift card to Michaels by my colleagues, as a going away gift, since I'm changing jobs in a week. I can only imagine that when I get around to spending it, it will be a big negative for that week!
  13. I didn't get a lot of crocheting in this week. I got side tracked with other things in life as well as other craft projects. I managed to get one skein to a ball for +1. I didn't buy anything (despite the temptation from Michaels and their 15% off all purchases coupon)! WTD: +1 YTD: +63
  14. I'm a long-time crocheter, but have never used any medium aside from yarn/thread. I have recently started really basic wire/jewelry patterns, and here is one of my first attempts.
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