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    I am a girl who has always been on the creative side. I LoVe all handmade crafting! My mom, bless her heart, is the one who always encourages me to imagine & dream.
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    anything that entices me :']
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  1. I have been working on the cutest crochet pattern for a few days now. It's amazing what cuteness can be made with this pattern. The pattern comes from Dawn Sparks "Buckster" over on Ravelry. The name of the pattern is 'Buckster's Rooster Ornaments'. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bucksters-rooster-ornaments Mine are not ornaments. I added magnets to the backs to put on my fridge! The first ones I did as watermelons to match my summer kitchen decorations. These new ones are being made for a fall yarn show I'll be attending in October this year. I think they will be a big hit! What do you think? Ellen
  2. Yes, I have. That was the first place I looked. There is not anyone in Louisiana selling this yarn. I'm disappointed :'[
  3. I am looking for yarns made in the US called Florafil. Colors wanted are: Green Chrysdanthemum Aster Blue Flag Iris Purple Lupine Pink Coneflower 1 skein of each If you have some in your stash and are willing to sell, please contact me here. Thank you! :'}
  4. I rewrote some of the pattern. It wasn't correct with some of the counts. I also changed the wording that you have pointed out Michele. It did look a bit confusing that way. Thank you for your help. Has anyone tried this pattern yet? I am anxious to know if it works the way it's written. It's really a bit hard to write a pattern step by step. I have to walk away at times and clear the old noggin...LoL
  5. Linda, there is none there to be found. I did find 1 Caron Bliss - cotton candy on Etsy.
  6. I have posted the instructions on my blog http://wildaboutcolor.blogspot.com/. Tell me what you think! Enjoy!
  7. I am a indie crochet designer. Just trying to find out if anyone else has done this before. Don't want to repeat another creator's work. I plan on writing a pattern with maybe some variations to it as soon as I know there isn't another like this. Thank you for your input.
  8. What a greatful idea! I'm a pet lover and I think this is wonderful.
  9. Hello everyone....I am looking for some special yarn to make a Rose Wrap. The yarn is all from Caron. Caron Bliss - 5 balls cotton candy Caron Bliss - 3 balls mango Caron Glimmer - 5 balls carnation I already have some 'Caron Glimmer - 5 balls mango' that I found and purchased. Maybe you have some in your stash? Any help is deeply appreciated. Kind regards
  10. I was fiddling around last night and came up with this crochet square design. This is all made in one piece and a continuous yarn. Has anyone ever seen a square made like this before?
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