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  1. Well, I was stalled in the same spot for 7 weeks even tho I was still being good, but finally I saw some movement this week and have dropped two pounds! (Gotta love plateau points.)
  2. I know this is unsolicited advice, so feel free to ignore me if you want. That said, I agree with Krystal about the South Beach diet. I've been doing it since Aug 31st, and I've lost over 16 lbs!! I must be honest that I'm pretty sedentary too. The first two weeks are pretty rough in my opinion. We ate a LOT of salads those two weeks, but you probably would want to go with soups as its cold now. Have lots of low-fat, high protein snacks too. Once those first two weeks are up it gets a lot easier. As for keeping on track with any diet, I'd highly recommend buying a cheap pock
  3. I'm just guessing here, but I suspect it's due to the fact that it would become so heavy from the water that people aren't crocheting bath towels. Alternatively it may be something as simple as because doing something that big with no stitch pattern may be too boring for some. For me, I have trouble crocheting with cotton for very long. I find it sort of drags compared to the acrylics I normally use and it makes my wrists hurt more quickly.
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