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  1. I have the Boye Needlemaster set too. It was my first set of interchangeable needles. I have to be honest though, after I got my Knitpicks Options set, I haven't used the Needlemaster set. The cables on the needlemaster set are not as nice, but that was really the only thing I didn't like about them. One of my cables broke off in a needle, and I emailed the company and they sent me a replacement pair of needles and cable with no fuss.
  2. I feel that way when I'm really enjoying my hobby. Sometimes it can feel like a drudgery with large afghans, so it's really great when it feels like fun instead.
  3. What an absolutely beautiful heirloom!! It makes me feel inspired to make my mom one (it'd be years before I'd get it done!), but knowing my mom, she'd be afraid something would happen and she'd put it in a closet. Maybe if I made it out of washable yarn she'd use it. Hmmm....
  4. I delivered Vicki's comfortghan on Tuesday. She was very touched to receive it and is cuddling up with it nightly. The pictures to see Vicki's squares and completed Ghan is at: Vicki's Comfortghan Thank you to everyone who helped me to bring a little bit of happiness to two people going through hard times. Bless you all!
  5. That looks great! What pattern did you use?
  6. I have a question that couldn't see the answer to. Annie's attic brought this pattern back out as a single one. I'd heard there were quite a few errors in the original that was in a book of several patterns. Did they correct the mistakes in the 'new' single pattern?
  7. Well all I remember was acrylic, and I think it was mill ends because it was bagged. My dad bought the yarn so my aunt could crochet me a bed doll. It was a bribe for going to get my first 4 fillings done. The dentist was -not- a gentle one!
  8. I don't know about knitting needles, but I recall my dad buying me some yarn there 15+ years or so ago!
  9. I've gotten them at Walmart, and seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond. My mom has warned me not to buy 'off' brands of the space bags as she said they've always had slow leaks in her experience so far.
  10. I have a set of Knitpicks Options Nickel Plated needles, and I LOVE them! I let my mom try them out, and she ended up getting a set for her birthday 6 months later because she liked them so much!
  11. It depends on a lot of things. For instance, if I'm using boucle, I have to knit with it, or to crochet with it I have to be using a VERY simple pattern or double strand it with a plain yarn. I typically knit hats, sweaters, or anything I want relatively close fitting. I typically crochet afghans, scarves, shawls, and simple wearables.
  12. I've received a square from Pat54, and 2 squares from Smith. I have enough squares for Vicki's ghan, and have begun assembly!
  13. Whew! OK, I finally figured out how to use my software to put up a permanent gallery of photos from this! I've got Patti's comfortghan pictures completed now. I feel kind of silly that I forgot to take pictures of the 5 squares I made, so I'll try not do that again! Patti received her comfortghan on June 14th. She was shocked and looked very moved to have received so much love, prayers, and caring from people who have never even met her. She sat with her ghan on her, or touching her for the rest of her visit. I was especially glad that she got her ghan, because 2 days later she ended up in the emergency room of the hospital for another medical incident as her intestines have received temporary damage from very strong antibiotics she was given for a boil. Patti sent me an email with this note to all the people who were involved in this project: *For Everyone Involved:* I cannot find the words to fully express how much I appreciate the hard work you dedicated into the creation of the comfortghan for me. I imagine it took many weeks of work to result in the beautiful and cheerful afghan I received. It was very generous and kind of everyone and I thank you for the warmth and comfort it brings me. It's very uplifting, visually fun to look at, handy, and deeply appreciated. ***** I had been advised to make Patti's ghan 5x6 10 inch squares, but that really was too big for just one person, so I'm going to make Vicki's 4x6. I'm going to add to some squares received that needed rounds put on, and then will make any last squares needed and begin assembly. The photos will be up much quicker for Vicki's ghan now as I have my gallery software figured out. In the meantime, here's the link to the gallery with Patti's comfortghan photos.
  14. Just a quick update: I finished putting the last square on Patti's comfortghan late last night. I used the flat braid join, and my husband thinks it looks very nice. It took me about half an hour per square, and just under 14 oz of black worsted yarn. I'll be spending today weaving in the 60 ends, taking pictures of the completed comfortghan and tagging the squares so the recipient knows of all the lovely people who sent their thoughts and love to her. I'll post another update after I return from my trip to Canada where I'll be giving it to her. Then I'll see about making up the last squares and begin assembly on Vicki's comfortghan. Whew! P.S. Becky Morgan, thank you for the 4 squares I received on Wednesday. I unfortunately wasn't able to enlarge and incorporate them into Patti's ghan due to time restrictions, but I'll see about getting them into Vicki's ghan.
  15. I received 10 squares from Tia today! They are beautiful and they make it so I have enough squares now for Patti's ghan. Thank you! After my husband helps me lay out the squares for the best aesthetics (I'm bad with colors), I'm beginning assembly on Patti's ghan tonight and will be working on it all week to take this weekend to her. She's going to love this! I'm going to put up pictures of all the squares and finished ghans when both are completed. Thank you so much ladies!!
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