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    I've been married since 1990 and have two children with my husband. Recently I obtained a full time lead position with the company I have worked for for the last 14 years.
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    North Huntingdon, PA
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    movies and crochet.
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    Specialty Foods Lead
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    dish cloths, hats and scarves are some of my favorite things to crochet. I will make a baby blanket here and there though.
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    on and off since 1997
  1. I will post pictures soon. It doesn't look like much right now.
  2. What are some of your favorite types of patterns or projects for variegated yarn? I have several skeins that were given to me and I really love the color combination, but I have a hard time figuring out what the make with it.
  3. When I'm working with a new skein of yarn I usually pull the end from the center and I don't have to worry about my yarn getting tangled. But after I've finished my project, I take the extra and run it though my yarn winder. I can't imaging working any crochet project with out using a center pull. It just seems to go much smoother.
  4. I'm on Ravelry as Norwinmom. Just like here.
  5. I've been waiting for mine too. Hopefully it comes in the mail soon. I'm like Ralphie in A Christmas Story waiting for he secret decoder ring in the mail.
  6. Very nice! Thank you for sharing. I can use that pattern to make a scarf for the special olympics.
  7. Very creative! With my luck I would be out of beads and straws!
  8. I will not crochet food items, makes no sense to me. Dislike plastic hooks. I tie knots too, then weave in the ends. I stay away from patterns with too many color changes. Find granny squares boring. Will not crochet clothes. Simply because sleeves always look a bit bulky around the elbows.
  9. Oh, I'm glad I found that out now. I will keep in mind next trip to the craft store. Thank you.
  10. Does shape matter? I have lots of baby yarn, and no babies to crochet for. I love making round ripples, and just found a beautiful Bernat pattern for a round star/ripple baby blanket. I would love to do my part for babies/families in need.
  11. Hi Punkrockchick, I recently tried a project using thread crochet and used #10. My finished project came out a few inches smaller that it should have. Someone suggested using a slightly bigger hook. I think I used a size 7 steel hook for it, I might try again using a size 8 steel hook. It was a pattern for potholder bloomers i found on best free crochet. Even though my bloomers came out smaller than usuall, I want to make more projects with thread including a tablecloth for my kitchen table. But knowing that I am a tight crocheter to begin with, I know I am going to have to make some adjustments to either my style, thread size or hook size.
  12. I have used different methods of storing hooks, pencils, paper ect. I even have an old plastic zipper case that I got from either curtains or a pillow case. I also like going to the goodwill and seeing what i could use for storage. I found a cute little square tin one time and I use that for my stitch markers, measuring tape, scissors and tapesty needles.
  13. Go to crochetpatterncentral.com and type leg warmers in the search box you will get some patterns for leg warmers. :hookAlso Ravelry.com is a great site to go to as well. Good luck in you search!
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