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  1. wow - that's a really nice color
  2. I especially like the hippie hat - all very cool
  3. I especially like the green one. I haven't looked at that 200 squares book yet and was wondering what was in there, now I have seen a few things. Thanks
  4. That's really cool. I love the combo of the stripes with the spiral.
  5. Wow. This purse seems very flapperesque. The color goes awesome with the design.
  6. Hello all! I am not only a newbie to this forum, but to crocheting as well. I am currently working on my first project, a baby blanket. I am married with three sons - Zeke, 4; Ukiah, 2; and Jack, close to 6 mo. and I am a graduate student in linguistics. I found this forum on my colleague's blog; unfortunately, I don't yet know her username, but if she reads this post, I'm sure I will soon. Robyn
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