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  1. Nice! I currently have all crocheting and sewing related stuff in a skinny drawer in my TV armoire.
  2. It's not like I start several things at once, just that I start something and put it down for a while and then end up starting something else instead of finishing the first thing I started. I currently have 2 1/2 WIPs and some yarn on the way for another project. I say 2 1/2, not 3, b/c one thing I started and then my baby messed up the yarn and I pulled out what I had and completely reballed the yarn. So, it's just a ball of yarn again, but I did start it at one point, and it's still on the "I started it and I had better finish it" list.
  3. I've never tried LH, but I kind of doubt it. Well, I suppose I could do it, but I would be much slower.
  4. Lately, about midnight or 1 am. That's really late for me as I have to care for three young children all day. If I only slept a couple of hours it could be disasterous.
  5. Nope. I teach ESL and have no break in between classes, because I only teach two classes, so it's teach, teach, leave.
  6. My friend always shows what she got from yarn swaps on her blog and mentioned the name of the forum there.
  7. Right now I'm finishing up a baby blanket for friends, but as soon as that's done (which should be soon, yay!) I am going to start making a hooded scarf. I ordered the yarn online and can't wait to get it! Other than that I haven't decided what to make for whom. I'm thinking about a lot of hats. I'm also thinking about making matching scarves for my friend and her daughter.
  8. There may be a few months where it's next to impossible to keep your baby from playing with your yarn, at which point it will be difficult to crochet, but after that crocheting is a great motherly hobby. I have three sons ages 4 1/2, 2 1/2 and 11 mo. Congrats on your baby!
  9. Putting patterns in a binder is a good idea. I think I have more yarn than anything else, but hopefully some Christmas crocheting will take care of that.
  10. I agree with miz duck. It made me think of a sunflower. pretty!
  11. Those are so pretty. My mom collects bells and it would be great if she had one of those doilies to put under each bell.
  12. Those are so cute and cuddly. I especially love the border on the green blanket.
  13. Neat hats! I may have to come back to these patterns when I get around to winter hat making.
  14. That's awesome, and I love the penguin!
  15. The swirly twirly one is really neat. I bet a little girl will LOVE that.
  16. I'm usually not much of a granny square person, but these are awesome and might inspire me to stop the granny hate.
  17. wow! that's really cool and bright - I'll have to keep that in mind for my kids
  18. so - most people here have been crocheting a lot longer than me - so maybe they are not as amazed by this as me - but I cannot believe you put words and pictures in things and had them come out so perfect especially w/out a pattern! I don't think I would be able to do that. Great job!
  19. ha ha - that's awesome! I can see that selling somewhere - ravers would like it
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