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    How do I prevent this from happening?
  2. How do I prevent puckering? what am I doing to cause this?
  3. How do you prevent puckering
  4. I recently purchased this leaflet on ebay at a great price $7 with s/h. I also purchased 2 skeins of super soft baby 4 ply James C. Brett yarn(color 3-lavender) from www.loveknittng.com for under $6 with s/h. It was my first purchase and I received free shipping and a 10% discount. I just completed yoke and I am starting skirt. It looks beautiful so far. Has anyone one else made these dresses? what has been your experience with the patterns?
  5. I am almost finished with graphghan for my son- I would like suggestions for backing to cover carryover yarns and bobbin connection ends
  6. I am thinking of joining this swap. I am a very new beginner knitting
  7. I received my refund today- I really enjoyed the magazine
  8. thanx I did this yesterday- I was not impressed with the magazine they sent me
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    do u use pc stitch/or similar program for your graphs? or do you get them made for you free on graphghans r us on facebook or pay for them?
  10. jpr54_


    have you made any using tunisian? do you use graph program?
  11. jpr54_


    I just started a graphghan a few days ago- has any one else made one?
  12. this is a timely topic I am now working on my first graphghan using tunisian crochet and enjoyed the discussion.
  13. I would like one- how do you get one?
  14. I enjoyed the swap- I am upset at crochetville owners and I may not continue to participate. They are treating crochetville as a business. I donot want to facilitate them in the use of crochetville as a business
  15. my swap pkg to my partner went out this morning. Holly should receive it by Sat.
  16. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081231000953AAW0StM
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crochet_thread
  18. my dishcloth arrived this morning-the colors were beautiful. i don't have a camera so unfortunately,no picture.
  19. my dishcloth will not be in the mail until January 22- I have been busy with many things to finish- why the rush?
  20. my name and swap partner are not listed
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