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  1. I am lefty also, when I was in school they use to hit me on the knuckles to get me to use my right hand. Still left handed to this day lol.
  2. I am left handed, I remember when I was in school, they would hit my knuckles to make me use my right hand. Till my Dad went down to the school, there was no more hitting with a ruler on my knuckles after that. I am still left handed to-day:cheer
  3. I went to school in Canada years ago 1960 and was left handed then. They use to hit me on the knuckles all the time to get me to use my right hand. Didnt do any good. I am now 58 years old and still left handed:P
  4. I have been a lefty all my life. When I lived in Ontario and went to school they use to swat my fingers with a ruler in school to make you use right hand It never worked lol I am total left handed the only thing I do on my left side is kick a ball
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