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  1. I found this amazing yarn store in the next little town from me. I visited and loved the yarns. Everyone and every example though was KNITTED. They told me they have a group most mornings and also they'd be happy to "teach" me to knit. Said bring any project any time. So I took a crochet project. About 8 ppl around the table and the ONLY conversation I got ALL MORNING was criticism of "throwing my yarn". Uh, duh, I thought arts and crafts were PERSONAL and all art is acceptable. So I "throw" my yarn. That wasn't enough. I got tons of comments about how old fashioned and inept crocheting was. Note: all these women were in their late 50's to 70's. I swore I was in a Bitch n Stitch group. More B than S. Sadly, I had had enough and stopped spending my precious dollars on the beautiful and EXPENSIVE yarns I had in mind for those extra special projects. I buy online now.
  2. I have one grandson who is 2 and a new grandson on the way (in May) so I'm all about the boy stuff without everything having to be blue. I am not sure we have "girl genes" in our family. Everyone seems to end with 2 boys each for the past few generations. But grandsons are as wonderful as sons, only you can send them home. LOL My munchkin is the light of my life. I'm still searching for just the right blanket for the new little guy.
  3. I am still looking. I cannot remember the book front, only what is on pg 58 called "Simple Stripes" which I purchased all the yarn for that pattern in the colors I wanted. Now Michaels doesn't have it and I can't find the patter and/or book online.
  4. I am in search of a book by Leisure Arts. On pg 58 was a pattern for a throw called "Simple Stripes". I cannot find the book because I only committed the name of the pattern to memory. Does anyone have this book or know what the name of it is? I don't want to have to buy a bajillion LA books to find that one pattern. It HAS to be that pattern! Thanks in advance, Beckey crochetdabbler
  5. Thanks to you both. My friend first said she wanted to learn to crochet. She hasn't the use of her right arm and leg (stroke at birth). I really thinks she could learn, though maybe a bit tougher. Then she got frustrated and now wants to pay me to make her one. I really think there is a way she could learn and I've been trying different things including tying down my right hand/arm. It's hard though. Anyway, on the one I am crocheting....she wants one like it and now another neighbor want's THIS one I'm working on as it's all the right colors. So, I'm thinking on it. DH thinks I should triple the cost of the yarn supplies. I just don't want to over-charge my friends. Thing is, when I crochet an afghan or scarf or whatever for myself. I wind up giving it away to those who like them. This is how my son's ex-girlfriend and all her family got afghans. Bad part is now I've made all them afghan when son and she were dating. NOW, he's been married to his wife for 5 YEARS and I have YET to make her on. Sheesh!! Sorry if I got derailed for a min. What you guys have said about keeping in mind they are friends as well as not undervaluing my work.
  6. I am not sure this is the right spot to post this. I am sure it'll get moved if it is wrong. I am doing an afghan for myself from a Leisure Arts booklet called Zebra Stripes. I love this pattern and have made a couple. My friend wants me to make her one. It has tons of Popcorns and is time consuming. Wondered if you guys can put me in a ballpark of what price I should ask. I'm sure I have to cover the yarn expense but any ideas what to charge?? I'm not sure if this pattern is available online. I doubt it though. The booklet is 48-Hour Afghans by Rita Weiss. Thanks in advance.
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