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  1. cindy54738


    Working on retro mccall's empire dress pattern; body dress done , working on back , told work 7 shells 4 more time, does this mean 2 rows with total 4 shell option. or need full 4 rows on stitch pat. would apricate if someone completed dress could post picture back of dress, seeing something always help me.
  2. cindy54738

    wooden hooks

    been looking for nice set of full wooden crochet hooks. can someone recommend good website, need to watch cost hope to can get fullset when in 100.00
  3. would like to thank 2 people that responded by my question
  4. working on tee from crochet! 2015 spring issue not sure why whole top not in the round. with that said in row 3 of back bodice am i correct i need to alternate shell with broomstick lace required times.
  5. cindy54738


    just got vintage magazine magic crochet june 1985 issue. inside is dress pattern; the little red dress by sylvette raisonnier . if anyone as ever made this dress would like any tips you have; an see the results of your work.
  6. not sure about group in southern utah, there is group west valley. found on face book Knit Crochet meetup . get together first day of the month.
  7. cindy54738


    looking for women sweater pattern with southwestern theme
  8. cindy54738


    thank you laraine,
  9. cindy54738


    looking for copy of mccall's needleworks&craft magzine winter 75/76 issue
  10. only knot that would hold is square knot, one i use when crocheting anything.
  11. cindy54738

    kiki dress

    was the info looking for . ty
  12. cindy54738

    kiki dress

    doing kiki dres froom interativeweave spring issue 2010, think doing dereace right in the under arm and neck. but looking for confirmation. starting with doing deacrease upto the 4th row on under arm then on neck followed , bumps on the front on of dress to make the neck curve. on the back did samething. anyone that as done dress,would like response.
  13. sometime ago notice in,a crochet magazine pattern for bulletin board covers. can someone please advise which one.
  14. thank for all pattern idea's.
  15. looking for women's skirt pattern
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