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    Recently returning to crochet after about 22 years of kid-athletic event watching/swim parenting

    just retired from 35 years of teaching.

    need to have a little fiber fun
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  1. I want to participate in the chat but don't quite understand what I am supposed to do Help!
  2. I had a lot of yarn left and I made the 2x. I made the sleeves shorter than shown but the length of my regular good tshirts. I think you will have enough. I ended up liking the shells finish, but I think the other looks good too. I did the three repeats twice and then was done. I think I maybe should have tapered a little more. But the fit is not unlike a tshirt, as I said. I am anxious to see how your's turned out.
  3. Hope t his one is right side up I really liked this yarn. It was Southwick from Valley Yarns. It is so soft.
  4. Sorry sweater is upside down. Cannot seem to get it right side up!
  5. This is a done sweater. It still has to be blocked. Yesterday, I made a duct tape dummy of my body, and I tried it on. Fits great. My friend likes the sweater so much, that she's trying to get me to make her one. I think i will, if she hems my pants for me. She sews beautifully. Really had fun with the sweater. Cannot wait to wear it.
  6. Hope you feel better, LadyBeBop. I started my bust increase 2rows/1pattern set like Doris said to, and it fit perfectly. I have a large bust and I was very pleased with the result. I did not taper anything else, until I got to the sleeves. I am almost done with the sweater. It fits well. Have a lot of ends to weave to finish. I did the shell edging instead of the others and I like it. I will post pictures when I get rid of the strings hanging. Indy was fun. Classes were good, and shopping was great. I got some great yarns. I have been the only one home much of the week, so I got a lot of crocheting done, and it was easy to watch the video as I went along.
  7. I guess I am the farthest along with this sweater. It is going very well. My bust added rows made it fit perfectly, and I am really pleased with the progress I will be adding the sleeves next, as I am finished with the basic body of the sweater. I did not taper for the waist shaping, and I like mine to be more t-shirt shaped. I am going to CGOA in Indianapolis, so I will finish this when I get back. I like the stitch pattern on this a lot. It is easy.
  8. Mine is going well. I started last Monday, July 1st. I was behind too, but caught up due to some crappy weekend weather. I have watched the video over and over during the bust rows segment. It fits just great. Follow the video, and rewind whatever you need. I am about 6 rows below the armholes join.
  9. Got new yarn. As soon as I get home from vacation I am starting the sweater. I made the gauge work out. I have to go down to G hook. I always have to go down a size with a Doris Chan pattern. It just seems to be a given. Love this yarn-Southwick by Valley Yarns in Ginger.
  10. I am going to be hunting for a different yarn. The yarn I posted yesterday did not guage well at all. I fact, my husband thought the guage swatch looked like something that came out of the washer as a string from something. And while he is not a yarn savant, I think he was right. So now I have to think of something else. So I may be running a little later on this crochet along than I thought. Still planning to do it though. Really want to make this, and would like the help of others.
  11. I think I will start mine then this weekend as well. I have to play with gauge I think. I hope this yarn will even work. But I am hopeful because I have a lot of things that go with this colorway for summer. I hope my yarn photo works. Thanks for starting this. I love Doris Chan patterns. Hope to see you in Indianapolis. .
  12. When are we starting this? I am excited. I had bought the pattern and video, and I have the right amount of dk yarn in stash. I am going to swatch and then I am ready to roll. Hooray! I have had a summer color of Kiko Karabella cotton yarn i. Stash for two years. It is still wrapped in plastic.
  13. I would like to join too. I don't have a local chapter near me that I have found. Plus, I think it is fun to be able to be a part of something with people from other areas. I have no problem meeting new online friends. Plus I already belong to CGOA, and I got my daughter to go with me this time to Indianapolis for her first time.
  14. I am coming on Thursday afternoon and taking classes on Friday and Saturday. I'm taking Vashti Braha's class on Friday AM, and then taking color crochet, foundation stitches, and linked stitches. I'm very excited and a newbie to these things. I'm really not looking for a roommate, because I have been sharing too much space at home lately, and want a break etc. I want to meet lots of new people, and try lots of new things. This is so exciting for me. I will be there til Sunday am. I just made a sweater from the Red HEart Boutique collection in the Starry Night colorway, and it turned out so great. It was sort of an afterthought sweater, and I bought the yarn for something else, but didn't like the swatch. Tried the sweater pattern and voila! Here's the front of the sweater, because you can see how great the colors turned out in the self striping thing. The pattern is the popular cardigan from Ravelry by Milobo. Can't wait to see everyone in New Hampshire.
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