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    Widow, Mom of 2 Grandmom of 8
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    Crochet, reading
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    RN retired
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    afghans, things for kids (wearables,toys)
  1. JoAnn

    repairing a granny square

    Had to do this a couple of months ago. The center of a large granny square afghan was chewed by a dog. I crocheted a new center and tried to weave it in. Had to use new yarn since the original was destroyed. The challenge was to weave it in!
  2. JoAnn

    Santa Pillow from 1973 Family Circle

    Here is a Santa pillow on Maggie Weldons site; http://www.bestfreecrochet.com/?p=300
  3. JoAnn

    Latest baby Afgan

    Very,very nice! Lot of work!
  4. JoAnn

    Potholder CAL, anyone?

    Love these! Make them all of the time. So easy and attractive!
  5. JoAnn

    Reintroducing myself

    Thanks to all for the welcome back:hug
  6. JoAnn

    Reintroducing myself

    Thanks Tampa Doll! Can always count on you for words of cheer! I have missed your beautiful tables. Your Nov table is exquisite as always! Spent some relaxing time visiting near West Palm beach in Oct. Nice and warm compared to CT!
  7. JoAnn

    Reintroducing myself

    After being away for over a year. Have not done any crocheting since my dear husband died last year. It was hard for quite awhile. I also had surgery on both hands for carpel tunnel and am now recovering from a hysterectomy! Started making some potholders. Hopefully I'm back in the crochet world. From Deep River, Ct Nice to be back
  8. JoAnn


    They are used for washing dishes or if you use a soft enough cotton you can use them for face cloths.
  9. JoAnn

    That skinny turning chain

    Great! I never heard of it either!
  10. JoAnn

    Arty the Armadillo

    Awww How cute! Nice job!
  11. JoAnn

    Ivory from Little House

    Welcome from CT!
  12. JoAnn

    Hubby's Blanket

    Very nice! What stitch is that?
  13. JoAnn

    Songbird Afghan Done!!

    That is so nice! Great job.
  14. JoAnn

    Piece of my heart pillow

    That is so nice! Your Mom will love it. What yarn did you use?:yarn
  15. JoAnn

    Kitchen Chickens

    Adorable!! Nice work.:hen