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    28 y.o. mom and navywife
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    Ann Arbor, MI
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    love to work out - read - cook - volunteer, work in graphics/custom photo work
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    livestock nutrition consulting, graphics/marketing, custom photo cards
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    afghans for charity/auctions
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    on and off since the mid 90's
  1. Thank you so much! I just checked back here in hopes of finding it and very excited to. I have lots of baby blankets to make for NMCRS and wanted to use this for one.
  2. Thank you for the ideas ladies. I'm not good enough to tweak patterns myself. I'll put it in a folder and hopefully find it one day!
  3. Not the diagonal box stitch but a true ripple. Thanks!
  4. YAY! I'm SOOOO excited! Thank you SO MUCH NinaKate...it's one of the most awesome creations I've come across!
  5. Does anyone know of a similar pattern out there to this...free or paid for? I committed to making one of these for a friend to give as a xmas gift and now I'm running out of time. EEK!
  6. FYI-You can get these closures at JoAnn's craft stores. I bought a set of 2 for this bag whenever the pattern is made available, as well as another, entrelac bag I'm doing. I got them over with the sewing notions and closures as opposed to where the actual purse handles/notions are.
  7. *nod* I did. Entrelac in crochet is one of my fave stitches. I would love to learn it in knit too but seem to be having trouble even picking up the basics of knitting. Someone here mentioned how ugly entrelac in crochet is compared to knitting but I personally really like it!
  8. Have I missed the posting of the pattern? I'd hoped to make this one as a xmas gift!
  9. I apologize. I didn't realize linking to a CPC pattern wasn't allowed. I think its is probably just the decision I needed to stay away from cville, a battle I've had for awhile.
  10. UPDATE: It's not the original pattern but I have found another, with several sizes in the instructions, that I think will be just as beautiful. And even better, it's a cape, not a jacket, so no sleeves and she'll likely be able to get more use out of it. This is the one I'm going to go with, but keeping in the theme of using a myriad of colors like the wedding jacket... http://*****************/web/20010107215000/www.cei.net/~vchisam/groovy/7310.html
  11. Thanks again! There really isn't a pattern. I tried to respond the other day but it never posted. Here is a link to the blog where the entrelac tutorial I used is... http://www.hookyarnandneedles.com/Techniques/ Just search for "entrelac". There's 4 or 5 pages that show you how to do the beginning, middle rows w/ different colors, and end but I don't think they link to each other. So searching is best. The instructions and photos are very clear and helpful IMO! I just made a large rectangle in entrelac with the first row going until it was about the width I'd like. Then I continued with the rows until the length was long enough to fold in half to make both the sides, and put a piece of plastic canvas down in the center to shape a base. For the sides, I just did strips of varying numbers in the colors that was the width of the canvas base, and the height of the bag and stitched on. For the lining I just went with the pockets I thought would work well in there. Everything was sort of an "I'll wing it as I go" sort of thing. I'm not very good at writing, or even following patterns! LOL I am toying with making another for a gift but I have a few biggie projects to finish first. If I do I'll make note to myself to write all the steps down and take photos along the way.
  12. What a lucky lady! That is beautiful!
  13. Gorgeous! What a lucky friend! (that IS great yarn
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