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    I'm a self taught crocheter, I like to make things that are retro looking such as funky shawls circa 1960. I just love to find crochet books from that era in junk stores. I'm a vegetarian and I live on a farm next to a creek.
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    crocheting (of course) knitting, daisy making, sewing, writting
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    Skywarn Spotter
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    shawls and scarves
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  1. I just wanted to post the link to the shawl I was talking about in case someone else is looking to make it. I found it on Ravelry It's nearly exactly like Milly's shawl I'm making it in black. http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/80460AD.html?noImages=0&newreg=1
  2. Thank you Dawn, and GBU too Debra, thanks for the link I really like that site I didnt know it exsisted, Your right I'm sure out of all those shawls I can find a similar design
  3. First let me say I'm new to the site so hi everybody I've been looking online for a crochet pattern for Milly's black shawl she wears outside in the movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" but can't find anything. It looks like it may be some kind of picot but there's not enough shots to get a good look. There are so many pretty crocheted things in that movie! If anyone knew of a pattern for this I would be very happy!
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