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    middle aged, new grandmother (can you tell?) I live on a small "wannabe" farm in Arkansas with my husband of 10 years. I have a wonderful husband, kids, boss.....well life is good, lol.
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    crochet, reading, calligraphy, piano
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    purses, baby items, and afghans (for when I don't want to think a lot, lol)
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    since 1975?
  1. I don't think you could have bought yarn that would have been any prettier. I love that pattern, too. I think I will give it a try. Thanks for the pictures.....good work. Sherry
  2. Oh, how cool is this? I have never seen crohooking before. Is there a tutorial somewhere?
  3. Mr. Bob, that looks like something that you would find in a posh boutique! I love the color combo. Sherry
  4. I really do like the idea of the cluster, since i usually just crochet two squares together. I also watched the link to make reverse single crochet stitches. I love the finished way it looks. Thanks for the links, sherry
  5. definately my favorite. You do such neat work!
  6. Thanks, SM. Those little things kinda remind me of kewpie dolls. You have them done up so cute! Sherry
  7. The little clothes are soooooo cute! Are these baby dolls part of the American Girl collection? My girls are grown, so I haven't kept up. I would love to have one and make these cute little outfits for my GD when she (they, lol) get a bit older.
  8. that is a total hoot! and I just love it.
  9. Those are so stinkin' cute. I was gonna make a pair for my DD (whom could go into labor as we speak), but she saw a pattern for tiny flip-flops and well, flipped. I can't wait to see them on my new GD! So the crocs are next. Sherry
  10. well, shoot, now I don't know which one I like the best! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sherry
  11. Oh my, how pretty. I want to learn that stitch. Are you using WW yarn?
  12. ladies, you are all so nice. I haven't been on here long enough to "know"you, but i really appreciate your concern, happiness, etc. For those that are having problem, I wish you well! Sherry
  13. hiya guys! I am from NE AR and welcome aboard. Waiting to see those pics. I wish I knew how to post them. Can't get my genius kids to slow down and show me. Sherry
  14. I absolutely love the color combo.. It looks almost retro, but fresher. Sherry
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