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    My birthday is 9-14-71
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  1. thank you Julie I need something to keep my hands warm its been so cold outside lately and I can drive my car with these I had another pair that I made from a different pattern but I lost them.
  2. hi everyone I finished up my first pet snuggles for the snuggles project today starting another one now and I still have to start my niece's blanket just have to pick a pattern to crochet it in. :crocheting
  3. Very nice snuggles ladies and I love the cute kitty pics I just finished my first snuggles today I'll have to figure out how to put up a picture of it but it looks nice. It a pinwheel block from a blanket pattern from Crochet today magazine the nov/Dec issue. I'm starting another today.
  4. I'm 3/4 of the way done with my first pet snuggle Its snowing here in Pa .
  5. I am currently working on my first pet mat for the snuggles project and finished a corcheted cowl scarf a couple days ago. ALso have to start a blanket for my niece for har b day in May and a pillow for my nephew.
  6. thanks I also joined the boxing day crochet along as well to make pet mats for the snuggles project.
  7. thanks for the add Dorothy and Wrennie such cute cats you have I have five cats . I look forward to making the pet mats cause I really need to do something about this yarn stash I have I knit and crochet so this should keep me busy for a while.
  8. HI Dorothy I would like to join this crocet along cause I need to reduce my huge yarn stash. I just signed up for the snuggles project to make pet mats and I'm going to donate them to the shelter where I got 2 of my cats from. I think I can make 12 of them this year if not more. I think this is a lovely idea.
  9. Could I join. Ive been a member for a while and just getting back to crocheting and knitting I did finish a scarf today made with caron rhapsody yarn thats similar with simply soft made a length wise 50 inch scarf done in sc in the back loop and the ends sewn together to make it a cowl it drapes really nice too. I have to make a blanket for my niece for her b day in May.
  10. I wonder what this would look like as a blanket just keep going and adding onto it It would have a really cool shape.
  11. very nice blanket I like the colors
  12. I just got back from wildwood,NJ and a young girl employee was crocheting a hat at the atlantic books bookstore on the boardwalk and I also picekd up a crochet book called "Cozy Crochet by Melissa leapman and we talked a little bit about our crochet habits and such.:crocheting
  13. My dh calls it crotchville His mind is always in the gutter.
  14. Oh thank you so much for letting me know about this site really nice patterns; just put it in my favorites :crocheting:c9
  15. That's very nice. By sideways do you mean vertically or horizontal.
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