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  1. Thank you Redrosesdz - I didn't realize that - I've removed my email.
  2. I have a free pattern that I need some help translating from Swedish into English. I tried google translator but it's not that great wth patterns. It's a pretty straightforward looking pattern - a rug and it's not a long pattern. Is anyone willing to help? Please PM me if you can. Thank you so much! Nancy
  3. Does the afghan have the words "it's a girl" on it or is it just bows? Can you describe it a little better?
  4. The Big Twist yarn is very nice - it's soft - not quite as soft as Hobby Lobby's I Love This yarn but about like Bernat Super Saver - it's fairly thick too - definitely thicker than Simply Soft (but then what yarn isn't - they made that yarn SO thin) - I would say the Bernat and the Big Twist are interchangeable. Now I'm referring to the one that sells for $3 and change - not the more expensive one.
  5. In knitting you would increase one stitch every row so maybe do a HDC (which would be in between the height of the seed stitch) on one row and on the next row make your seed stitch to get back in line with the rest of the seed stitch pattern. There doesn't seem to be any other way to do it
  6. IF you go to Ravelry.com and search for Baby Zoo Afghan - it'll bring the project up. Look at the screen for "projects" - click on that. Someone has posted the chart there - it's larger than the link someone here gave - you should be able to make it from that.
  7. Any possibility of you posting a picture of the afghan?
  8. Did you just crochet over the yarn or did you weave the end in and out? Most times when you just crochet over an end you're going to get those pop up ends and you'll NEVER get rid of them because the yarn is going to keep working it's way out. Really the only way to not get them is to leave a nice long end - at least 3 inches and weave it up and down, back and forth and sometimes even go in between the strand of yarn - you won't get those pops and the ends will never come out! I wouldn't use glue on that you have, I'd pull more out a few stitches back and see if I could weave it back
  9. If you're changing colors in the middle of the row, put the old yarn over the new before you start with the new color - that will sort of twist them together and you won't have a hole from the color change. When you do tunesian you want to complete the entire stitch before you change colors so you have a nice square stitch.
  10. I would either decrease the starting chain OR use thinner yarn and a smaller hook. Don't do both.
  11. Oh - and if you're confused as to where the "space" is - you're doing a chain 3 and is says to skip the first 2 chain spaces. So you're actually putting your hook into the very end of that chain 3.
  12. You yarn over twice then enter the hook in the space and draw up a loop
  13. *[(Yoh) twice and draw up a loop. (Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook) twice] 3 times in next ch-2 sp. Yoh and draw through all loops on hook - cluster made. When you yarn over twice and draw up a loop, you should have 4 loops on your hook - you're going to yarn over and draw through 2 of them two times which will leave you 2 loops on your hook. Then you're going to yarn over twice and draw up a loop in that same space - you should now have 5 loops on your hook - yarn over and draw through 2 of them two times - you'll have 3 loops on your hook. Yarn over twice and draw up a loop
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